Carolyn Brunelle Poems

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A Little Light

For everything a reason
and a season under the sun;
every puzzle has its answer
that is not uniquely our own.

Ancient Struggle

Another age old story
seventeen years of nurturing
yearns to be free.

A Harbor

Come into my open arms
and I’ll chase away your fears,
feed your empty aching need
and dry up all your tears.

Acrostic (Environment)

Everyone should care.
No one should ignore a world so
Vital and green;
Inviting and teeming with life. Mother earth

Funny World

Funny how the very ones who
say they carry the light, also
bear the responsibility for causing
most of the pain in the world.

Acrostic (Science)

S earching and
c ollecting data
i n many varied ways to
e xplore

Acrostic (Revolution)

R estoration of 'united' states
E very man had certain rights
V isionaries all who knew
O ld ways had to go. They

A Birthday Without You

The gathering was wonderful;
Laughter tasted great
Mixed with wine in the palate;
Birthdays are good reason to celebrate.

A Marriage

In some force of nature
He reaches for her
Time and time again.
And time after time

I Miss The Sea

I miss seeing water alive
and sparkling beneath the sun;
that first sweet taste
of fresh ocean air!