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For everything a reason
and a season under the sun;
every puzzle has its answer
that is not uniquely our own.

Another age old story
seventeen years of nurturing
yearns to be free.

Come into my open arms
and I’ll chase away your fears,
feed your empty aching need
and dry up all your tears.

Everyone should care.
No one should ignore a world so
Vital and green;
Inviting and teeming with life. Mother earth

Funny how the very ones who
say they carry the light, also
bear the responsibility for causing
most of the pain in the world.

The gathering was wonderful;
Laughter tasted great
Mixed with wine in the palate;
Birthdays are good reason to celebrate.

In some force of nature
He reaches for her
Time and time again.
And time after time

She needed and dreamed of more,
But a woman’s life was set in stone;
Marriage was judged as better
For her

Life is a matter of choices
made at every fork in the road,
and none made for an easy way
to carry or lighten the load.

You pretend you’re alright,
laugh when you’re sad,
hide your true feelings;
never show if you’re mad.

S earching and
c ollecting data
i n many varied ways to
e xplore

R estoration of 'united' states
E very man had certain rights
V isionaries all who knew
O ld ways had to go. They

Got bright and sunny
Went from cool to hot,
Just when Spring was here
Then it was not;

You sweat and worry
About making the grade;
If you can get this one done
You’ve got it made.


A son is a son
wherever he roams
no matter how far
or the years that have flown.

Last remnants of afternoon sun
fade into a colorful haze
behind a landscape
of white birch and snow.

F orever it flies over the halls of justice;
R evered as beloved symbol across the land
E very heart feels humbled by her anthem.
E ach pledge made beneath her liberty and

I miss seeing water alive
and sparkling beneath the sun;
that first sweet taste
of fresh ocean air!

Why can’t peace
be the anthem of my country
that we sing throughout the years,
so the lives of our young

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I'm 68 yrs. old, married 49 years to my high school sweetie. We are both military brats and grew up everywhere other than where we were born. Got old and retired and are now living in northern California (just north of Sacramento) I love and enjoy my small family (my soulmate Hubby, our one Son, one Granddaughter, and one old kitty) and lots of hobbies and interests: my computer, writing, poetry, photography, Pinterest, cooking, the S.F. Giants Baseball games, movies and wine and being anywhere with my hubby. Come visit my webpage: http: //

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A Little Light

For everything a reason
and a season under the sun;
every puzzle has its answer
that is not uniquely our own.

Nothing remains a mystery
in the light of life's experience,
or hurts like the awareness
we cannot live it over again.

Yet nothing is ever lost if we
pass such wisdom to one another;
no life lived in vain, that sheds
light on the path for a brother.

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Mandy Sotwili 21 December 2011

A very wonderful poem, I just woke up to. :)

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Penny 17 November 2021

Did you write this poem? Memories of others springs Other warm summer days Still have a little of their own But the young boy That lived them is gone It's now autumn That rests here in my eyes And winter waits Not too far behind

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Penny 17 November 2021

did you write this poem?

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sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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Ana Martinez 22 December 2013

very nice poems! ! I went to ur website but there is no where to click like or sing to have a notification if it gets updated! !

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Koena Mokoena 23 December 2011

I believe that is the truth, because everything happens for a reason & so there is an answer in each of every situation we go through.

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