Carolyn Vuletic

Rookie (October 7th,1984 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Carolyn Vuletic Poems

1. London Boy 5/4/2005
2. Silver Script 5/4/2005
3. This Years Love 12/3/2005
4. Cooked 5/9/2005
5. Lucky Carolyn Gina 5/9/2005
6. Today's A Little Bit Closer 10/24/2005
7. Goodbye My Boy 12/27/2005
8. Corfu Calls 1/4/2006
9. Thinkin 1/4/2006
10. I Think I Want To Hide 1/4/2006
11. Vanity Is A Must 1/5/2006
12. Patrick And White Linen 2/2/2006
13. Irrelevant 2/10/2006
14. Anticipation 3/3/2006
15. Every Now And Then 3/27/2006
16. Irritation 3/27/2006
17. Mindless Meaning 6/20/2006
18. Fallout Girl 9/9/2006
19. Smitten Child 10/31/2005
20. Vacant Days 11/7/2005
21. Exception To The Rule 11/10/2005
22. You 11/10/2005
23. Green Eyes 7/1/2005
24. Likeable Abuse 11/16/2005
25. Fire In The Sky 11/21/2005
26. Dilerious Day Filled With Agonising Cramps 11/21/2005
27. Lolly & Cy 11/23/2005
28. Poisoned Sunday 11/27/2005
29. Patrick's Theme 11/28/2005
30. Be Gone 11/28/2005
31. It's All Good 11/30/2005
32. Three's A Crowd 12/3/2005
33. Stone 12/3/2005
34. Saturday Anticipation 12/3/2005
35. Innocent Attraction 12/11/2005
36. Therapy 12/12/2005
37. My Inspiration 12/15/2005
38. Untitiled - Bee 12/15/2005
39. Klein Volim 12/21/2005
40. Small Cuts 12/21/2005

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Best Poem of Carolyn Vuletic

Bipolar Monday Bender

i cocked it on friday
and admitted i had a problem
drug's they thought, but how wrong
well drug's in another sense
if i were to be healthy i wouldn't have all this
all this in my head
and how boring it all would be
one green pill, one white
and it's alright
sometimes i take myself off my med's to see how long i can go
and then i cock it
usually after a drinking binge, when i lose the plot
it's only cos i'm so utterly bored right now
i tell them to chill, i'm all good
green and white
yeah, yeah, yeah
otherwise i'd be one hell of a sight
but ...

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Today I Cried

i cried today
the first time in many years
it built up to a climax in me, in my being
and i could not hold them back anymore
i cried for all the loss and pain
and remembered why someone once wanted me
i cried for all the lives lost, and my own demise
i cried for the times i could not, as i had held this all in
i cried till i couldn't breathe anymore and my eyes were blood red, and my nose blocked