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When I hold her I often CAN'T let her go
She's s perfect, each perfection her own
I remember how we fought for her, for her to have life
To have a chance
I know I'm not her mom
She is not mine, just my responsibility
I see her mothers passion in her eyes
And her fathers humility in all she does
And I realise she's still not mine
I promised to be sincere in my thougths and have the honesty
to raise her as if she were my own
But shes not my own
And I look back to what I will never have and all that I lost
I remember the faith and dreams and hope I once had
and realise it just was not meant to be
I wasn't allowed that privellage for a reason
A reason foreign to me
... but she reminds me every day

Aimee-leigh Olsen 04 June 2006

There is no reason, reason doesn't exist in the world of pain and love. You will have it one day. The time is NEVER right, time just IS. She is her mothers flesh, but YOUR heart.

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Charles Chaim Wax 20 November 2005

the power of love supports the entire universe without love how can a world exist a wisdom poem not too many of them around

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Jon Edward 17 November 2005

this was really cool, real. an interesting side of you.

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