Tuesday Nights

Rating: 4.8

Tuesday nights
That is kinda all I know about you
We meet up, we chill, we drink (way too much)
You tell me stories, about beautiful woman and your travels
You indulge my mind with your really attractive arrogance
And I feel myself really attracted to this dishonest, underacheiver
We decide (or you do) that we will meet and play when we want
No strings attached, just mates with natural needs
I, m set
Should'nt I feel something for this dude?
Even a little bit, what does it mean that I don't?

And yet I will sit for hours over analyzing us, and this thing we do
When I really know the answer all along
And it simply is I, m using you
The tables have turned, the double standards are no more mate!
I, ll use you, and when I feel like it's time to move on I will
Then same thing you would have done, had I given you a chance...............

Jon Edward 10 June 2006

I just re-read this and I still love it. very much. k

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Jon Edward 05 November 2005

awesome, good painful, real, honest. Jon

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Indiscreet Episode 24 October 2005

I understand where this one is coming from. I was 'using men' when I was your age. It still stung when I figured out that they didn't seem all that torn up about me.

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