Casey Lyon

Rookie (July / Texas)

Casey Lyon Poems

1. The Mountain Journey 11/11/2007
2. Big Ideas Of Things 11/11/2007
3. Candle 11/11/2007
4. Thanksgiving 11/11/2007
5. Math 11/11/2007
6. Life As A Vampire 11/11/2007
7. 4th Of July 11/11/2007
8. Favorite Color 11/11/2007
9. Soldier (Dedicated To Soldiers All Around The World) 12/27/2007
10. Just Can'T Wait 12/27/2007
11. A Ticket To Heaven 12/27/2007
12. Don'T Make Me Leave 12/28/2007
13. Will You Forgive Me? 7/3/2008
14. Gone 11/11/2008
15. Just Gotta Get Out Of Town 12/28/2008
16. Envy And Admiration 2/10/2009
17. Give Me A Sign 2/16/2009
18. My Own Kind Of Fun 2/16/2009
19. I Do It Anyway 3/1/2009
20. Let This Be Just A Dream 5/7/2009
21. Life Vs Reality 5/22/2009
22. Shedding Not A Single Tear 7/13/2009
23. Don'T Go! 11/11/2007
24. The Identity Questions 3/26/2009
25. The Melancholy Blues 8/17/2009
26. Rodeo 11/11/2007
27. Beauty Of Music 8/17/2009
28. A Perfect Family 11/11/2007
Best Poem of Casey Lyon

A Perfect Family

A perfect family is what we all wish for.
We see people that have families that are much different than ours.
As we experience their unique culture, we wish we had a family like them.
But really, having a perfect family isn’t possible.
We all will have problems and accomplishments that make us unique from every other family in the whole wide world.
So, think hard about how different your family is.
Appreciate you have a family and is never alone because they help us through tough times.
It is never foolish to wish for a perfect family but is foolish to abandon your ...

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Big Ideas Of Things

My homework is in my dog’s stomach,
My dog is in my house,
My house is in my city,
My city is in my state,
My state is in the United States of America,
United States of America is in the world,
The world is in the Milky Way,
The Milky Way is in the universe.

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