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You and I –
In this astounding
We’ll take

She woke up with a pain in her heart.
Pain of missing you……….
Pain of losing you………..
Pain that is killing her ………

As the sun shines in the east, my love will never fade,

For you light up my world, when the clouds are gray.

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You And I

You and I –
In this astounding
We’ll take
Each others hand
And paint our love
In a pallid wall

You and I –
In this enchanting
We’ll soar high
In unison
Taking parallel lines
As direction

You and I –
In this baffling
We’ll unravel the riddle
Like allies
And let destiny seize us
To wherever we ought to be

You and I –
In this stiff
Mountain of Everest
We’ll climb the icy terrain
In the vein of an expert
And be on the summit
To have our liberty

You and I -
Is there really you and I?
Made for us in veracity
Or we still have to wait
In eternity?
‘Coz in your eyes I can see
Your dreams of you and me
No way to run
No where to hide
For you have captured my heart
In this vindictive life of mine

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~ Jon London ~ 01 July 2008

When it comes to writing fine poems of everyday feelings, Catherine Rica one of the finest writers you will have the privilege of reading..her ability to use such an array of magical expressions is of brilliance..Genius in fact...Catherine can take your mind to a new world bending and re -shaping the common thought process....take a seat make yourself comfortable and allow her wonderful poems to take you on a journey of self discovery....You wont be disappointed.

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Saiom Shriver 24 June 2008

'Sailing On' got a 10 from me because it is the essence of hope.. in a few words Thank you

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p.a. noushad 14 June 2008

dear catherine rica cosico, your nerration is very beautiful.

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Nkululeko Mdudu 13 June 2008

beautiful poems by the most beautiful Cate, it's a pleasure to read your work

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