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I am just an amateur poet, I don't post the things I'm proud of for fear of ill judgement on what I consider good. I hope you enjoy it, I know it need work.

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Kera Ann 20 November 2013

you're very good with words.

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Ballad Of Hearts

For they will climb the highest mountain
atop of which winds make them shiver.
For They will swim the deepest river
underneath the murky, cold delivers
from the bottom of the sand
hearts sink from lover’s band.
Marching, Beating,
from within
churning up a desired sin.
From which the cold once reteches
and now settles back in silence
hiding from the weak and foolhardy
though a common trade
upon which all appearance laid
and hopes and dreams
a fool of us made.
For this is the ballad of hearts
driving, raging
in the dark.
Stumbling, groping
through the fog
in which familiar faces mix
but knowing not of their tricks,
we play our judgement wrongly.
Bring forth the accused and see to it he
the girl he loved is laiden pretty
with jewels of which can make him faulty.
Make him take the vows of loyalty
which every maiden deserves
just as rightly.
Show him time
Show him patience
and through it all
make him swear
his job is to your heart’s repair.
Try him not on looks or wealth
but on his heart
of which he’s dealt.
Of now the accused accusation lay
he now gives her the title betrayed,
and she too is made a fool
a fool of love, a fool like all.

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