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human nature, mother nature,
enough of your torture.
safely nature, easy nature,
play your game,

time to ravel,
and get my revolver,
and shoot the mirror,
kill my image,

me the muse,
muses is me.
swindle as thee,
rock Beatrice,

crossing down this empty station
where guys embarked in kissing,
now noone's around to take the blame
and we are struggling down to the proverb

i see things different today
things as simple.
like it rained
to subdue the light

This roaming void
merely savaging itself
to make me more visible
to its destiny

and they summoned
said the rhyme from coaster
to this final acquisition
is it or is it not

in or out of the summons
oh such a stupid thing to say
why to gust or to waste in this proper
isallyouhave ain't it

Then I decided I should no longer fake,
and they were delighted,

Water bottle,
pet scan,
deaf tune
broken microphone

1) Uncleaned blood over cuts
2) Uncleaned soil over planting
3) Uncleaned choclate over sucking
4) Uncleaned house


today, the rules of engagement
are applied against all the powers of universe
we will never be out of a bloody life sucking war
we loved our enemies.

scaffolding a house,
again from ruined mistakes,
retiring a period of time,
from a mouthfull of respects,

It is so dark in here,
only rats talk,
only bats walk.
and the clock too,

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human nature, mother nature,
enough of your torture.
safely nature, easy nature,
play your game,
foolish nature, custom nature,
I know your plan
can you nature, would you nature,
try to run away.
stupid nature, poor nature.
find my secret.
Miserable nature, faulty nature,
get out of my way.
It is in my nature,
It is my nature,
don't give me away.

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zeke z 10 February 2018

i am so happy to see you posting again for the first time in almost a decade! but also so, so sad to see that you have taken down most of your old poetry. i have loved your work for years—in fact i would consider you one of my favorite poets—and am disheartened to see so many amazing poems disappeared. still, i am grateful that you have chosen to continue writing and will be on the lookout for your new work :)

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