Time To Ravel Poem by celine charcoal

Time To Ravel

Rating: 3.1

time to ravel,
and get my revolver,
and shoot the mirror,
kill my image,
kill my image,
kill my image.
time to ravel,
give me my revolver
I feel like a barrel,
and a dirty little scoundrel.
has to kill
my image.
my image.
my image.
Before I get steady,
I am afraid I am not ready,
If you find me here waiting,
give me my revolver.
Or just,
Unravel me.

Kristin E. Johnson 04 March 2005

Forgive me if this sounds irreverent, but I must confess in reading this poem I was reminded of the sound of Eddie Murphy's old poetry humor recitations on Saturday Night Live: Kill my landlord! Kill my landlord! Watchdog barking- do he bite? Kill my landlord! Kill my landlord! C-I-L-L my land-lord! I'm not saying that there is any basis for comparison between your work and Eddie Murphy's humor skit, except that the sound of your words conjured up that memory! So, for me, I imagined a young Eddie Murphy reading your poem- mighty interesting.

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Poetry Hound 18 February 2005

Full of energy. This is one of your best poems.

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celine charcoal 18 February 2005

no allan no! i know it is stupid to write under my own poem, i have no idea what im writing is worth, but they just make me happy. I guess I am not the only one whose poetry is personal.. Poetry should be personal!

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Allan James Saywell 18 February 2005

Celine to much of you as a person, to much how you feel, you have to learn other peoples feelings, i'm not being critical of your poetry, just this one poem observe other people, look at them first then look at yourself, if i feel a poem has not come across, i wont give it a low score, better not to have a low score Warm regard allan

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