Nature Poem by celine charcoal


Rating: 2.6

human nature, mother nature,
enough of your torture.
safely nature, easy nature,
play your game,
foolish nature, custom nature,
I know your plan
can you nature, would you nature,
try to run away.
stupid nature, poor nature.
find my secret.
Miserable nature, faulty nature,
get out of my way.
It is in my nature,
It is my nature,
don't give me away.

Rebecca Bell 03 September 2010

This is really good. I like the comparison of nature and yourself.

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Kellie Imer 11 October 2009

This is amazing! ! :)

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Murali Ramanath 10 March 2006

Are you separate from the nature? ? what is nature and what is natural? ?

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Edward Kofi Louis 23 April 2016

Enough of your torture! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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kenivire christine 12 February 2018

this poem has rhythm

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Soumita Sarkar 24 January 2021

nothing comes out it...

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Liam Peterson 16 November 2020

this is rap or? trash bruh like remove this

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Srushti Dodamani 27 August 2020

Awesome poem...thanks for sharing

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Juliet Languedoc 06 July 2020

What a combination of natures - Like the plea at the end.

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Lindiwe Motsa 28 January 2019

Add a comment nice poems I like them

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