Charles Darnell

Rookie - 427 Points [whalefungus] (01/19/1950 / St Martinsville, Louisiana)

Charles Darnell Poems

1. Neon Bible -For John Kennedy Toole 7/8/2013
2. Lac-Mégantic 7/14/2013
3. Crimson 8/6/2013
4. Where My Mother Lies 5/13/2014
5. For Aylan 9/6/2015
6. Drowned 11/15/2015
7. The Marriage Of Jeanne D’arc 12/2/2013
8. Consider Job 12/19/2013
9. Kairos 4/2/2014
10. Lay Me Down 7/9/2013
11. Confession 6/18/2013
12. Empty 6/26/2013
13. Crows Of Cain 6/4/2013
14. Flight Of Words 5/22/2013
15. Quarter Moon Waxing 10/10/2013
16. The Magi 12/2/2013
17. Pompeii’s Lover 9/20/2013
18. Judas 6/10/2013
19. Sail 10/7/2013
20. Air: A Love Poem 8/29/2013
21. Yahoo Buckaroo! 8/26/2015
22. Orlando's Blood 6/19/2016
23. Waiting For Joy 5/28/2013
24. Alone 7/3/2013
25. Lazarus 5/19/2013
Best Poem of Charles Darnell


Ah Jesus! You do me no favors!
You give me life, but not my life!
You raise me up, what am I to do?
You are borne away with the crowd,
Shouting hosannas as you go,
Like the retreating tide
Pulls pebbles from the shore.

I am like shells on the sand.
Empty, hard husk, standing out for the curious,
But I shall not be picked up by wondering hands.
Those who know me, loved me, know me not now.
I am not the phoenix reborn with youth and soaring strength,
Just Lazarus, already tottering to my second tomb.

Those who loved me, wept with joy with my ...

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Crows Of Cain

A murder of crows
Feast on another kind.
The dried gore
A new dinner
Found in the field
While Cain replies,
“Am I my brother’s keeper?

They flutter and caw,

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