Judas Poem by Charles Darnell


Rating: 4.5

Well Lord,
Here I am in the last scene of that last act.
This how you wanted it, right?
You got your crucifixion
And I hear you’ll be up and around
In a few days.
I got my silver and my regrets
And all that’s left
Is my own exit, stage right.
The props are all here,
The rope is thrown over the limb
And I just slip it on and jump!
I guess they’ll find me in a day or two,
The potter’s field awaits!

Before I go,
I want to know,
Had I willed it so,
Could I have said “no”?
I suspect you’d have used Thomas,
(He was always skeptical)
Or Peter, (he’s as malleable and dense as lead.)
He denied you three times for God’s sake!
If I had no choice,
Then why am I a villain?
Just following orders, as they say,
And believe me, it wasn’t the coin.
If I’d known what I was in for,
I’d have given it all back.

This poem is part of series I have been writing on biblical characters. I am attempting to present a different point of view than the traditional.
Marion Couvillion 01 June 2018

I enjoyed this and it is Interesting Charles, I too have tried to put some of the bible into reason. One I have written is about Adams family.... Really interesting~! Another subject I like is historical mysteries, feeling that school kids would better remember historical events and even question what they are reading in the bible if they saw it in prose.

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Charles Darnell 02 June 2018

Thank you, Marion. I have written many poems relating to bible characters. I am not a religious person, but I find the stories interesting and wonder what some of them were thinking. My imagination has lead to many poems of this type. I hope to gather them into a manuscript some day soon and try to find a publisher.

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Bri Edwards 01 August 2016

i think you may have succeeded well.......attempting to present a different point of view.... i mean. i really like this. i've heard of potter's field, but i'm in too much of a hurry (or too lazy) to look it up now. to MyPoemList for sure. bri ;) how about a different view of Pontius Pilate (or was it Pirate?) , Goliath, and Noah? ? some day i may type and submit 'a conversation between Jesus and His Father' i wrote some time back. bri ;)

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Charles Darnell 01 August 2016

Thanks, Bri. Actually, I have written a short poem from the view point of Pilate. It is one of some 60 poems I have written using biblical characters and stories. I have one on Goliath too! Ha! Your idea about a conversation between Jesus and his father is intriguing. If you decide not to do it, I may steal that idea. :)

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Wahab Abdul 10 June 2013

very fascinating, very dramatic, too ... i like the point that men is helpless if we believe total control upon us of fate and destiny.. like it.....9

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