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Philadelphia is greek for love between brothers
This is a love that is like no other
Brother are notorious for making each other suffer
But behind all the teasing and banter it's expression of love undercover

Showing love will always help you come out above
For any situation love fits it like a glove
Show genuine love to others, and make sure you don't do it as a shove
Be gentle and kind to make peace like a dove

Eros is the greek word for sexual passion which can be consumingly strong
God tells us where acting out these passions belong
When people have premarital sex it is wrong
I is difficult but blessing come to those who prolong

God very clearly explains the roles and challenges of being a wife and husband
Every husband must be the Godly man God has summoned
To do this they must dive into God's word to be enlightened
The Greeks used the word Luduas to describe the love this passage refers to

Men are meant to be friends
It doesn't matter what happened or happens and their is no depends
If one man has a problem with another then stop the drama and make amends
Men having beef with each other now has become a trend

The Greeks would call this love Agape because it is for everyone
We need to love everyone and try to save them just how God did by giving his son
When it comes to a better example of how to love all then Jesus there's none
Other religions try to call violence and sin their gods form of love

The Greeks called Philautia the love of oneself
When it comes to a husband he must love his wife as much as himself
And for a wife she must love her husband as much as herself
This love is a connection of the two becoming one in-itself

Philia is the greek word for the love friends have for eachother
For people that are brothers from another mother
Someone whose heartfelt words for the rest of the day hover
Someone who to be by your side you'd have no one rather

Humans are meant to work hand in hand to build this world together
Stick side by side through thick or thin in the worst and best weather
Brothers and sisters of Christ should be binded together thicker than leather
A person alone in this world is the same as the wind carrying a feather

God makes it clear that next in line of priority under him is family
The greeks named this type of love Pragma which is a long love that will be lastingly
Throughout all of history and nature a man looks over its family casually
Children nowadays don't recognize they should be telling God thankfully

Relationships can build your relationship with God or make you trip
They can come between you and God and when it comes to them or church you skip
Our love and urge to be with who our flesh desires should be taken and towards God flip
If we place the cup of sin close to our lips we are more likely to take a sip

There is no one who loves us more than our creator God
Don't let people tell you his love is just a facade
Bad things happen because our sin is fraud
He gives us free will and when we go against him he will not spare the rod

'Philia' is what the Greeks called the relationships this love had done
this one that can only be found in a brotherly type of companion,
too people that would help each other through the darkest canyon
And stick together despite opposing opinion

Treat others how you would want to be treated yourself
Just being by their side can be a lovinging thing-in-itself
Put yourself in a position to encourage
not alone where the only thing on your mind is myself

Loving all can take strong aspects of stoicism
Especially today when people struggle with racism
But you don't have to try to be louder then others like activism
Those people come across as if they are practicing barbarism

God is telling us the secret to a happy life
A happy wife
After a hard days work she will relieve of from all your strife
And everything else compared to her value is smaller than a fife

There is none that deserve your love more then your parents
Showing them love, honor and respect is obvious and inherent
Kids these days do the opposite of making that apparent
Children's love for their parents should be transparent

If the person you marry does not have Gods light
God says what your doing is not right
This most important subject of God will always lead to a fight
This will probably happen almost every night

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Proverbs 17: 17

Philadelphia is greek for love between brothers
This is a love that is like no other
Brother are notorious for making each other suffer
But behind all the teasing and banter it's expression of love undercover
But love from a friend should always be willing to smother
Throughout life true friends always showing love will be something we all discover

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