cheryl davis miller Poems

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A shudder running up my spine
without reason nor any rhyme
a constant process I confess
reminder of my loneliness.

Purple Haze

Another life has passed today
lost in a purple haze.
Tears flow from family and friends
all due to a drug craze.

The Walking Dead

'You feel too deeply, ' my mother spoke.
When suddenly from sleep I woke.
How can one limit ones depth of heart?
Please tell me Mom I want to start.

Hell Or High Waters

Come hell or high waters
words easy to say
much harder to live by
I find more each day

Go Away Snow

From the North to the South,
and the East to the West;
Nasty Old Man Winter
has tried his very best.

The Flu

A limerick for my family,
who one and all have abandoned me.
Left me to deal with this killer-flu,
my limerick I will share with you;

Molly's Grace

Molly you inspire me,
so I've picked up my pen,
To say you've handled 'Grace' fully,
the circumstance you're in.

The Mouse Brigade

The long night of the mouse brigade;
friend do you ever recall?
How over run my house had become;
when creatures ran up the wall.

To Be Or Not To Be

An inconsequential life;
lived out in deep regret.
What could change the circumstance;
about which now I fret.

A Swan Song

Why is it you would want to hear
the music of my death cry?
You of all people have to know
that sound means, I will soon die.

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