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A shudder running up my spine
without reason nor any rhyme
a constant process I confess
reminder of my loneliness.

Another life has passed today
lost in a purple haze.
Tears flow from family and friends
all due to a drug craze.

'You feel too deeply, ' my mother spoke.
When suddenly from sleep I woke.
How can one limit ones depth of heart?
Please tell me Mom I want to start.

Come hell or high waters
words easy to say
much harder to live by
I find more each day

From the North to the South,
and the East to the West;
Nasty Old Man Winter
has tried his very best.

A limerick for my family,
who one and all have abandoned me.
Left me to deal with this killer-flu,
my limerick I will share with you;

Molly you inspire me,
so I've picked up my pen,
To say you've handled 'Grace' fully,
the circumstance you're in.

The long night of the mouse brigade;
friend do you ever recall?
How over run my house had become;
when creatures ran up the wall.

An inconsequential life;
lived out in deep regret.
What could change the circumstance;
about which now I fret.

Why is it you would want to hear
the music of my death cry?
You of all people have to know
that sound means, I will soon die.

An Answer to Obama and Shep Smith

Excuse us Sir, if we say 'pass'
not welcome to the masses.

Mary had her spent life lavishly;
she had lived it so hard and fast.
She met a man in the marketplace
Who told her all about her past.


If I could look in your dark eyes again
I'd never again look away.
I'd watch as the sun chased the stars and moon.
I'd watch forever and a day.

Why is it you don't think of me
while I so often think of you
You haunt my dreams and fill my days
with wishes, never yet come true.

If you would just once reach out
to touch me tenderly
the change of heart between us
would know no boundaries.

In the winding wood's of Caroline
there on pathway's up and down.
Nestled neath the pines and green fronds
he said our bodies, would be found.

I remember pickled pig's feet,
potatoes an hog jowl.
People never use to waste food,
not the way they do now.

Once in a garden far away
there in the cool part of the day.
Our Maker sat and held a lamb
close to His breast.

I planted me, a Butterfly Bush,
a Butterfly Bush, a Butterfly Bush,
I planted me, a Butterfly Bush,
To see if it were true,

I've been proud to be an American
and I am proud to be one still.
She's always lead with the best intentions.
I believe that She always will.

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I'm married,45 years. I have 2 grown daughters, and 3 grandchildren. I live on a small farm in Ohio.Where we raise cattle, [beef] chickens, a garden and pets. Came from W.Va. I still consider it home, and write often of my appalachian roots. My parents divorced when I was one, and I was given to an Aunt to raise. At 13, she thought I needed to be with my 'real' mother. At 14, my 'real mother', thought I would do better with an older brother. At 14 yrs. and 2 mos. I decided, I would do better on my own. So I lived many lives in the next 5 yrs, until I married. Since then I have lived a quiet life.I have scribbled since I was a child. Learned to read, prior to entering school, from looking at poems my mother had read to me, and I had memorized. My daughters show no interest, but grandchildren may! I hope anyway!)

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A shudder running up my spine
without reason nor any rhyme
a constant process I confess
reminder of my loneliness.

Where are the answers I once knew
where are the friendships I thought true?
Hands to hold, and ears to listen
just be there, a simple mission.

As I have been in seasons past
to comfort, console, act steadfast
to seek for explanations, ' why? '
to tend the wounds and balm apply.

This loneliness I cannot bear
I'm reaching out, no one is there
so I begin to then withdraw
attempting to become so small

 I don't feel loneliness at all.
cheryl davis miller 6/23/17

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Paige S 27 April 2009

Mrs. Miller is a wonderful poet. Her views are much the truth, and she can express herself in a very gifted way. Her poetry is truly delightful to read.

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