Loneliness Poem by cheryl davis miller


Rating: 5.0

A shudder running up my spine
without reason nor any rhyme
a constant process I confess
reminder of my loneliness.

Where are the answers I once knew
where are the friendships I thought true?
Hands to hold, and ears to listen
just be there, a simple mission.

As I have been in seasons past
to comfort, console, act steadfast
to seek for explanations, ' why? '
to tend the wounds and balm apply.

This loneliness I cannot bear
I'm reaching out, no one is there
so I begin to then withdraw
attempting to become so small

 I don't feel loneliness at all.
cheryl davis miller 6/23/17

Bernard F. Asuncion 23 June 2017

Well-expressed emotion of sadness.... Rated 10++++ You may visit my HEARTACHES WILL NEVER LAST and EACH PASSING DAY... Thanks, Cheryl👍

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Light Water 23 June 2017

So sad this poem feeling lonely.

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Rae Seagull 27 June 2017

Beautifully expressed. I like your closing lines the best

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Bernard F. Asuncion 27 June 2017

Congrats on being chosen, Cheryl. You may visit my BATHE YOUR HEART, TAKE TIME TO THINK, and LIIVE ANOTHER NEW DAY... Thanks👍

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Tom Allport 27 June 2017

a sad poem of a place that no one wants to be and yet it will happen as to you and me and everyone else at sometime in their life? .................wonderfully written

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Richard Wlodarski 27 June 2017

Cheryl, your poem is so well written that it compounds the loneliness that I feel. Somewhere in there is a huge compliment! Congratulations on a well deserved Poem Of The Day!

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Lyn Paul 27 June 2017

I hear your thoughts. Fortunately I enjoy my own company and have written, Alone But Not Lonely There are so many social groups from gardening, writing and walking. Powerful poetry. Thank You

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Marcja Gelsa 27 June 2017

A poem of excellence so good.

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Rini Shibu 27 June 2017

Your emotions well expressed in this poem...Congratulations Rini

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Rini Shibu 27 June 2017

Your emotions well expressed in this poem...Congratulations

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