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1. Fair Weather Friends 11/1/2012
2. Blaq Angel 11/1/2012
3. Transformed (When Life's Breathe Suddenly Cease)) 11/1/2012
4. The Last Good Men 11/1/2012
5. It Hurts 11/1/2012
6. Strange 1/10/2013
7. Fetish 1/10/2013
8. My Blaq Queen! 1/10/2013
9. I Love You 2/26/2013
10. Before You Close The Door To Your Heart 2/26/2013
11. No Regrets 2/26/2013
12. My Everything 4/27/2013
13. They Knew Not! 4/27/2013
14. Missing You 4/27/2013
15. I Will Get There 4/27/2013
16. The Last Time 6/25/2013
17. For Nelson And Jezreel 6/27/2013
18. Pride 2/4/2014
19. Don'T Let Me Fall 2/4/2014
20. A Political Turmoil 2/6/2014
21. Deception 2/7/2014
22. My Burden 2/25/2014
23. Forgive Me 2/27/2014
24. Peace Died 3/2/2014
25. She Stoops To Conquer 11/12/2014
26. I Have Wings 11/14/2014
27. The Dogs Are Coming 6/25/2013
28. Don'T Be Too Hard On You! 4/27/2013
29. Tearz From The Grave Yard 2/26/2013
30. I Miss Home 8/29/2013
31. The Past Is Past; Leave It There 1/10/2013

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The Past Is Past; Leave It There

Even though feelings were hurt
Trust betrayed and friends part
The past is the past
lets leave it there,
We now have the chance to make it right,

Be not quick to condemn now,
Hold your whip for a moment,
And before you strike,
See, I am not your enemy!

I pray do not slay,
Still the Night with words tender and soft,

Though the scars remain,
The future beckons with hope

The Past is past, let it be so!

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Fair Weather Friends

I stand alone, reminicing the past
Think out loud, how did I get here!
Strange as it may seem, I find myself
On the brink of extinction!

Used and abused, abandoned for the gutters!
Fair weather friends! Tis all I got to show!
When the going was good! They flocked round me!
Each one always had a need I would gladly meet!

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