Bernard F. Asuncion Child Poems

Mother Of A Child

M-other of a child
A-ims to show much love and care,
R-egardless of time.
I-n spite of the storm,

Plain Heart Of The Child

P-lain heart of the child
N-ever beats in bad fashion,
K-eeping in good shape.

Train Up A Child In The Right Way

Train up a child in the right way,
Tell him about the Lord's command;
Allow him to know the gospel,
And let his mind just understand.

Neither Mom Nor Child

Mister Dan and his family members
Had a seven-day restful vacation;
They went to the beach in Balingasay,
To feel the beauty of the blue ocean.

Chosen Child

C-hosen child of the Lord
H-as been born October twenty-second;
L-ife given to her by God
O-ffers love without

Eyes Of A Child

I-n the eyes of a child
N-othing is a deep secret;
C-hasing rainbow is a dream, the view is far from fret.

Since You Were A Child

S-ince you were a child,
A-lmighty God did send
L-ove and care to your life
I-n His mercy without

A Cuddled Child In Your Lap

P-ouring rain and chill
E-vade the sunny Thursday;
R-ise of the beacon begins,
L-ong cold night fades

Street Child

He was fed by combustion,
Thirst was quenched by alms to drink;
Hushed to sleep by exhaustion,
And awakened by the mist.

Living Like A Child Of God

A man who clothes himself with kindness
lives by the teachings of the Lord.
His heart is also humble.
He's gentle and patient.

Only The Obedient Child

S-hadows of the evening disappear,
H-aze has vanished in the open;
I-nclement weather turns fair,
E-arly morning March ten.

Child Of Nature

C-hild of nature prefers forest,
H-aving vigor to climb the mountain;
R-efreshed and replenished,
I-f she drinks from the fountain.

Child Of The Almighty

K-inds of human race
A-re unknown to many;
R-ighteous ones are of God,
L-ots of people don't

Faithful Child

A-lmighty God's faithful child
I-s in the true fold;
N-ever abandon the Church,
A-nd the faith defend and

A Walk With A Child

J-ust let twenty-third February
E-liminate the blue;
N-ew dawn has broken,
N-ight chill is far from

I Remember You As A Child

L-ong cold Friday night
H-as vanished underneath;
O-ne new dawn has broken,
R-ising sun meets the

At Peace With A Child

M-onday morn has broken,
A-fter the Sunday shadow;
N-ight cold chill disappears,
U-nder the rays that glow.

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