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In the days of flame
I call to the nameless
The ones who have fallen
To the same world that i did.

Through the veil of waters of sea,
Embraced by an icy mist,
A face with an open mouth i see,
That pierces wounds with light of bliss,

Close my eyes with the fingers of clay
there will be no bells or chants
No one knows i died today
No one to whom i could repent

'Look beyond the gallows! ',
said to me a priest,
'for if you repent, your doom you'll prevent,
and you need not fear God in least! '

Realitys good if you know where to look
It sounds like old movie moral cliche
Once that it bends you dare not pretend,
Dreams become real and take you away,


All the way through sky and land,
Struggles man to understand,
All the tears that taint the face,
Fall down for earth to embrace.

Through the veil of salty rain,
a face gazed upon my soul,
The eyes so warm, yet deep with pain,
Upon my misery of all,

'Will there be pity or mercy for my soul,
Will there be the rays ov gold at the pearly gates,
Or is there nothing, nothing after all,
That can save me from the hostility ov space.

Look in the eye, the vastness, the space,
Touch the oblivion ov what will become,
And fly with the stars that left no trace,
While dust ov the ages carves us undone.

One morning, down a lonely path,
Wandered two friends, Me, and Death.
One morning while the sun did rise,
Walked the path my friend and I.

How can you see when for eyes that believe,
nothing shines brighter than well polished lies,
How can you see when your eyes are bleached,
By those who want your soul for their paradise.

Do we look behind us
when we hear the call,
Counting every loss til we
Dissolve in pools of rain

When one loses the direction,
Or goes a safe way of ignorance,
When the forest thickens
with the trees as reminders.

It was fifteen or so years ago
the summer on the rise,
With the flowers sprung, scent filling the lungs
Of people who pass them by.


Through a broken mirror
The queen has took a peek
She saw her beauty gone
Beyond the point ov return

days just come and go,
before, before we know
The world makes us confused
Afraid, afraid to lose

A rusty blade tears the skin
as i carve the rune if madness
No escape from jaws of void,
as the vision slowly blackens.

If i fall asleep, will time pass fast,
Or will i be caught in a nightmare,
Tween this dreamworld and the last?
As the world unchanged is turning,

Going down this road,
There's no telling what,
Lurks behind your eyes,
So perfectly still.

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My old enemy died so I was born, a same face and hands we wear, Yet I live and he is gone, Once our mind same eyes did share.)

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In The Days Of Flame

In the days of flame
I call to the nameless
The ones who have fallen
To the same world that i did.

into The rotting sun
I scream in agony
Like an abandoned dog
left on the street bleeding out

With shadows rising
Behind my wounded back
I come bringing the pain
Hiding ‘til i atack,

The hands attached to
Me they are not mine
Graves are longing empty
the names still unassigned

Arise arise you fallen ones
Today your tomorrow comes
See the scorching of the sky
Arise arise arise

angels have left me
The light has been vanquished
And now it's the time
To burn their open wings

With mouthfull of curse
And nails dripping in blood
i sacrifice the worms
Of tribes and their gods

The swarm of the beyond
Ancestral infection
prayers waitunanswered
In divine agression

Arise arise you rotting ones
to day the day of vengeance comes
Hear your prayer in their cries
Arise arise arise

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