Sky Poem by Chris Noir


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All the way through sky and land,
Struggles man to understand,
All the tears that taint the face,
Fall down for earth to embrace.

Trough the eye or looking glass
Light does suffer dark to pass,
And trough surface of the lake,
You see but what dark did fail to take.

Every hand can grasp a sword,
And kill and choke when comes to war,
Seldom can one make a change,
Mans but tricky beast to tame.

A mind they tell is so like clay
Shape it, lest it goes astray,
yet if too wet it becomes,
Goes back to a slimy lump

Yet if it is to be to dry
It would crack and it would die,
And if there would be to much heat,
Cracks are likely to repeat.

So ought a mind be shaped with care
Once broken hard is to repair
And sane and less so are alike,
When a crack its surface strikes.

Madness has a way to crawl
Trough smallest cracks in thine house walls
Rage can take your hand and kill
Let it and see that it will

Tears let loose will make thou drown
When they flow o'r thine gloomy frown
And greed and lust breed agony,
Fruit on thine cherry tree,

What I want is what I am,
Struggles man to understand,
What Thou are is what thou make,
A life Thou get Thou dare not take.

And wanting can be cruel as well
It turns all that one has to hell
Matters not that thou have done
And have all that the others want.

All the way Trough land and sky
One falls if they don't learn to fly
All the way trough sky and land
Man still fails to understand.

Monday, July 10, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: existence
Jazib Kamalvi 10 July 2017

A powerful thought. A wonderful rhyme. My favourite. A great start. Carry on please. You may like to read my poem, Teachers. Thanks

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Chris Noir 13 October 2017

Thank you so much sir, you might wanna also check my new poem room 453 it's a horror tale based on western religious tales.

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