Chris Noir Poems

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In The Days Of Flame

In the days of flame
I call to the nameless
The ones who have fallen
To the same world that i did.

The Last Days Of The Sun

Through the veil of waters of sea,
Embraced by an icy mist,
A face with an open mouth i see,
That pierces wounds with light of bliss,


The Funeral Pyre

Close my eyes with the fingers of clay
there will be no bells or chants
No one knows i died today
No one to whom i could repent

Beyond The Gallows

'Look beyond the gallows! ',
said to me a priest,
'for if you repent, your doom you'll prevent,
and you need not fear God in least! '

Where To Look?

Realitys good if you know where to look
It sounds like old movie moral cliche
Once that it bends you dare not pretend,
Dreams become real and take you away,


All the way through sky and land,
Struggles man to understand,
All the tears that taint the face,
Fall down for earth to embrace.

Angel's Kiss

Through the veil of salty rain,
a face gazed upon my soul,
The eyes so warm, yet deep with pain,
Upon my misery of all,

Pilgrim's Doubt

'Will there be pity or mercy for my soul,
Will there be the rays ov gold at the pearly gates,
Or is there nothing, nothing after all,
That can save me from the hostility ov space.


Look in the eye, the vastness, the space,
Touch the oblivion ov what will become,
And fly with the stars that left no trace,
While dust ov the ages carves us undone.

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