Christian Eliab Ratnam

Rookie (27th March 1990 / Singapore)

Christian Eliab Ratnam Poems

1. A Lover's Prerequisite 10/10/2005
2. Heart Of Deceit 10/13/2005
3. Saved From Wrath 10/15/2005
4. The Creator 10/23/2005
5. A Mirage 1/19/2006
6. Vain Speech 1/21/2006
7. Sonnet 2: The Heart Uncovered! 1/23/2006
8. A Lover's Apology 3/16/2006
9. If Only 5/10/2006
10. My True Friend! 5/8/2007
11. I Sit And Wait For Her 9/13/2007
12. Won'T They Ever Learn? (The Red Sea And The Fall Of Egypt) 9/13/2007
13. Understanding The Barrier In Love 1/21/2008
14. The Broken Heart 8/29/2008
15. Distant Intimacy 11/24/2008
16. The Lord My God 3/7/2005
17. Love For Comfort 5/17/2005
18. Curreney 5/17/2005
19. One Death 9/18/2005
20. What Light? What Grace? What Gift? 9/29/2006
21. Despair 12/6/2010
22. Yearning 12/6/2010
23. Until That Heavenly Monday Lunch 8/16/2007
24. A Friend Indeed 9/13/2008
25. Sonnet 1: Hope You Love Me Too 10/21/2005
26. Book Of Life 1/23/2006
27. Wearing Hope 5/19/2006
28. Apologetic Love 4/24/2008
29. Loving Tears 5/8/2005
30. Elected Monsters 10/10/2005
31. An Ideal Woman 1/21/2006
32. A Broken Body! A Condemned Soul! 10/26/2005
33. Blessed Acknowledgement 8/5/2006
34. Until I Clung To Him 10/22/2005
35. My Love, My Desire 3/4/2008
36. His Compassion, His Mercy 7/14/2009
37. Dreams 2/11/2006
38. Bring Some More Unto Me! 10/14/2005
39. Life So Brief 10/10/2005
40. A Symbolic Cousin (For My Cousin On Her 21st Birthday) 5/31/2006

Comments about Christian Eliab Ratnam

  • Dr John Celes (10/15/2005 1:35:00 PM)

    It is clearly evident that you are on the road to writing good poetry with a strong christian background.keep writing, keeping your faith as strong as ever and soon you'll find that you have used your gift of poesy for a divine purpose as well.wish you good luck and God's abundant blessings as well.
    Dr John Celes

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  • Michael Shepherd (3/7/2005 5:10:00 AM)

    Christian - a noble effort, especially the 'gentle gaze'. But let me get in before the ungodfearing poets on this site (poets are by profession loving cynics) get at you -faith, in itself, doesn't make generally acceptable poetry. But seen acting in your own experience, (especially in love and loving actions) , it can be turned into wonderful, widely appreciated, immortal poetry...keep the observation of faith acting and the expressions of faith separate, and you will meet the world on common ground. There is a place for the poetry of faith - but not I fear on a website like this. The 75% of US readers of and contributors to this site have often or have often had, unpleasant experiences of fundamentalism as children or adults...
    I hope this makes sense to you. And very best wishes in the combining of faith and poetry! Michael

Best Poem of Christian Eliab Ratnam

The Voice Of My Saviour

Through the mist of my heart,
I heard a voice,
A sweet, melodious voice
That affirmed the words
Of my long awaited joy.

And through that mist,
A song I heard
That made my tear drops sweet.
A wonderful song that filled my heart,
With the expiation of my guilt.

That mist of sin,
My soul foretold
With repugnance deep within.
That song of peace that voice restored
Amidst a heart of hatred and discord.

That ineffable voice,
My state made known,
That ineluctable state I was in,
Until I inclined my heart unto that ...

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Bring Some More Unto Me!

On an island faraway,
My soul I left to run astray.
I was stranded in a prison,
Until I was released into freedom.

Just as I thought I was free,
My joy and happiness began to flee.
I had no one to lean upon,
Until on Him I called upon.

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