Christopher's Dead Poems

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*(I Remember) When Suicide Was Just A Joke

Do you know what I’d give
What I got, what I’d give to go back?
Do you know that I’d give
Up my life just as easy as anything?

*is Society To Blame?

She was beautiful
But she didn't see beauty like I saw it
She was undefined, prone to cry
Just a little undeveloped

*do You Believe In True Love? I Believe In Emo Lust

What’s the meaning of this?
The meaning of all these selfish lies
That we keep bottled up inside
So hard to hide

A Short Story About Killing Myself

Seen the cut surrounded by dry blood. Must have irritated it through the crashing all around me. Wipe it dry, clean, but where’s the fun in that. Avoid exacerbation yet still suffer in excess.

Why not make the pain, the sorrow poor out, hopefully there won’t be anything left inside. Gripping tightly, stab the wound over my heart back open; rip back quickly to greater irritate the skin.

*94- Is On The Right

I’m the man behind the bars
We talk through walls and I wonder how I got here
I’m a boy, I’m a little too trusting
And I can’t help wondering what you think of me


“Forgive me,
Forgive me not”
The wind breathes
Heavy in remorse.

*i'Ll Always Come Back For More

I had a dream, I had a dream
That I saw you taking your clothes off
Your body glistening through the window lit by candle
You saw me stare, you didn’t care

*hey Little One

Hey Little One
You’re the pretty one
A concept girl
Going home for the weekend

*finding Love In Romance

She said that one day she might come back
But this is how it's been for years
I walk on tight ropes and stay too close to the glass
And I hide from my greatest fears

*lifted Lower

The walls
Designed by beauty
Desired by hope evades the cracks

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