~~the Love Notes End? Poem by Chuy Amante

~~the Love Notes End?

Rating: 3.3

When did the romantic notes stop?

Did he buy your love
and then throw you on the top-

Who is he, who are you?
Do you know both?

Pick up your crown Precious Queen,
leave all behind that is rude and mean.

Pick up your Crown, dust yourself off,
straighten your dress, chin up...walk

Put your crown on, firm and straight,
walk yourself right out the one-way gate!

Chin up! Queen of the Universe
I know who you are, I bow!

Walk your life on red carpet only,
never a moment for sadness, never lonely!

You know who you are, BE YOURSELF!

Rule the world!

You are Perfect!

All others are broken, leave them in your wake!

Chin up, crown on, big smile, life is yours to take!


Thursday, March 13, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: woman
Sandra Feldman 15 March 2014

This is a beautiful sign of respect for women! Just today I heard how miserably and criminally women Are treated in India. I was horrified. Are we really in the 21st Penitentiary(Century) . Unbelievable and intolerable! You sir, are a very good chap, by far as the brits now seldom say, for there aren't many left there either. Thanks for this wonderful work

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Valerie Dohren 16 March 2014

Even in the 21st century, women don't always receive the respect they are entitled to. Very good write.

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Paige Brimer 12 April 2014

I, personally, think it fosters an opinion of entitlement and a belief of oneself as better than others, I mean, there's thinking as much of yourself as is necessary, but this goes way over the top. Sounds like he's trying to draw someone out.

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Susan Lacovara 05 May 2014

This should be required reading for the young and upcoming women of today. Without true confidence in oneself, the road ahead holds much to be managed. I have a scripted reminder in the wall beneath my mirror that reads, Be your own kind of beautiful...it serves we well to see it each day. A powerful pitch you have thrown. PEACE

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Patricia Grantham 03 September 2014

A very inspiring and uplifting write on womanhood. Be it known that women still hold a high place in society. Thank you.

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Varsha M 29 May 2020

Just the expressions drenched in inspiration enlightening the vibes all women should maintain. There is no second creature who can surpass her virtue meant to build and nurture. Indeed woman we are the special. Beautiful written. A lot of admirations and appreciations. Raise your standards.

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Pamela Sinicrope 07 May 2016

Love this! It reads like an anthem for all women. Thanks for writing it and reminding us to shake the dust off our crowns! Thanks again.

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Edward Kofi Louis 13 December 2015

Love and pain play a major part in life. Nice work.

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Sofia Kioroglou 15 October 2015

Great poem and a real booster for us women! Thank you for this fabulous piece!

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* Sunprincess * 22 August 2015

..........most fabulous...with a great message, women should be respected ★

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Chuy Amante

Chuy Amante

You are Perfect!
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