I Live Like A Dog Poem by Chuy Amante

I Live Like A Dog

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UP out of the slime of human existence
I live like a DOG without resistance

I see, hear, smell and sense what is NOW
Much more than the frog, Man or cow

I live like a dog, right here and now
Some might say my talk is Bow-Wow

I don't study the Moon, Sun nor tomorrow
No Time, always timeless
no time for yesterday's pain, sorrow

Now I'm aware of all that IS
I'm changing my name, more fitting it is

Ruffus Barklay Wagner or Rex for short
I'm here for the petting, the food and sport

That is all

out of doors
no walls

not even
cat calls

Ruff is my life
Waggin' my game
Rex is my name

Friday, July 11, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Bri Edwards 07 October 2018

Rex, before i forget.......[this dog sometimes forgets; how, bow wow, 'bout YOU? ]...... this poem for the dogs goes to MyPoemList. insane? well, you sound like a person many (other people, including me) might see walking down Main St. and then think to themselves: Homeless. i wonder if he ever washes his hands? (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 07 October 2018

(cont.) .....and if you were holding a sign saying: Please help. Anything will do., i know at least one (not me) who would say Why doesn't s/he get a job? ok, homeless or not, you are a gifted poet/humorist [[like me! ]]. or is it like I? ha ha. some favorite lines: Some might say my talk is Bow-Wow // i sayARG...I MEAN ARF to that! (cont.)

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Gajanan Mishra 11 July 2014

very fine writing, I like it, thanks,

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Heather Wilkins 12 July 2014

a very cute poem, it made me smile. Living a dog's life can be very good. I know some dogs that live better than people.

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Edward Kofi Louis 05 August 2019

Of human existence! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Kim Barney 01 May 2019

Great poem! I have read it several times, but had to come back and read it again!

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Bri Edwards 07 October 2018

(cont.) (cont.) p.s. you state that you have senses greater than some of those of frog (my ma was a frog) , a Man (my pa was a man) , or a cow (my first wife was a cow (she may still be; i DO miss the fresh milk!) , BUT.. you seem to portray yourself as a human. are you a Woman? ?

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Kim Barney 01 May 2019

Miss the fresh milk! Ha! You are such a cut-up, Bri!

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Bri Edwards 07 October 2018

(cont.) i guess Poem by is 'doing' a 'play on words' **, or is it a pun? ** a humorous use of a word with more than one meaning or that sounds like another word poem's topic is love. i wonder if it is love, like many of Is It Poetry's topics is green i.e. some word to satisfy PH's requirement for a topic. hmm? bri ;) (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 07 October 2018

(cont.) ....Ruff is my life, but ruff has several meaings/uses other than: look here: Woof is the most common representation in the English language for this sound, especially for large dogs. Other transliterations include the onomatopoeic wuff, ruff, arf, au au, borf, bork, bow-wow, and, for small dogs, yip. (cont.)

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