A Girl Like You Poem by Claude Davis III

A Girl Like You

Rating: 4.9

How did I get a girl like you?
A girl that's smart, pretty, and true.
A girl that I can hold tight.
A girl that is ''just right''.

A girl that can make my sun rise,
And my sun set.
A girl that is nice and wise.
A girl that I will never forget.

A girl that I can hold for hours.
A girl that I can love forever.
A girl that doesn't need any flowers.
A girl that is very smart and clever.

A girl that goes by the name 'insert'.
A girl that I love so much.
A girl that I will always keep in my soul.
A girl that can make my day with just a single touch.

Aryn James 12 February 2007

awwwww! this is so amazing. what a lucky girl to have a guy write her a poem. i enjoyed it very much. ~ Aryn

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Mahmoud Salah 01 December 2006

i really love this poem

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A poem with a difference and it felt beautiful.

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Miski Abshir 06 May 2009

love your poems and this one is the best. that girl is very lucky to a guy care for her.

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Tita Nisa 21 April 2008

I thank you for allowing me posted it to my blog, because that is very nice poem! as I used it to my lovely daughter Nisa. Regrets that I'm not kind a good in written a poem... but Nicole, she must be very lucky daughter...: -) Kind regards, Tita & Nisa

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Nick Greene 18 April 2007

Very nice. I see that came from the heart your a lucky man to have a girl like that

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Sophie Collins 16 April 2007

that is so nice! i love it..a very lucky girl she must be to have a poem written about her! a very good write Kind regards Sophie

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