These Is The End To Settle Us? Poem by clawdea benat

These Is The End To Settle Us?

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Is this or is this my last? I am hungry, hungry of an clear answer.
fate-where could i find my fate. Aha! Maybe it was already on an island and its waiting for me.
lastly but not just so sure.
Yes, we are but we àre not either.
carry on 'i said'. Leave everything in pieces let it be gone infront of you. I'll keep my words quiet until it fades.
I am happy you came out, and telling you tbis truly from my heart that i have found my long lost girlfriend. And i was so happy she cam3 back for how many years.
But then, what can i say. ' we must move on, carry our guns and keep shooting or aim the right point. Make sure to come back with a cow you had caught. Oh, that is so yummy licious. I never had eaten a whole cow.
Opps, i am not a racist. I just want meat.

Back then i had forgotten what to say to you personally. But nice to meet you any way. We'll be gone by the way.

Sorry. If i could only sing my sorry for you manytimes. I am still sorry. I am not sorry though sometimes.

I am not breaking up with you but break up with me. And all those woman i had caused my trouble. I cannot control myself to fell and act stupid and whatever. Break up withme too càuse ihad already beenbreaking up withyou all.
If your smart you know how to choose and not be paranoid and just do not ever listened to gossip. Or i'll cut everything in between but soft heart makes me a useless to a point of view. Donot talk too.


Friday, February 26, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: friends,heartbreak,imagery
Claudge Ben-at 26 February 2016

Who cares, if this been done on purposes so long as you get my point here. I wrote poetry, verses, phrases, that you cannot be able to read if using only your head. Read through the heart not to the mind. It is where you understand the troubles. But then i am misleading the words. Sorry, cause there is no brain foundin my head. Like the whole brain. So my head is really empty. Do you get the point here mr. Juan? ? ?

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Juan Olivarez 26 February 2016

The syntax in this poem is terrible, as is the spelling. the general order of it is chaos, some boundaries need to be addressed.

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