Stay Inside Of Me Poem by clawdea benat

Stay Inside Of Me

lift my head up to the sky
closing my eyes
rushing this question for an answer
veins keep still as blood flow vigorously
then in the corner of my silence
i found myself in a silent hill
sitting down alone
i was just there
in my age i don't need to look for something
just have to stay calm w/ a peaceful mind
but unexpected came out
the black inside all came out
trespassing the outside world
this belongs to me
this dark side that i kept fighting for so long
that's just it, its all been there
and has nothing to do with any other human
was sick of there ignorance
should have never touch it
i warned them
and this is what happen
i couldn't control it now
the only way to stop it
is to keep thy human quiet

Captain Herbert Poetry 27 April 2014

Nice vivid imaginations on a bright and dark side within an inner being. I like it

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V P Mahur 23 March 2014

Dear Benat, You have depicted a great message very cleverly through your words. Great poem. Loved it. Please be in touch to share things.

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