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Corvette Nezumi Mikazuki Poems

1. A Place 1/18/2013
2. For I Am 1/18/2013
3. Vision 5/14/2013
4. Victorian Castle 5/14/2013
5. The Boy At The End Of The Hall 5/14/2013
6. I Want To Set My World On Fire 5/14/2013
7. I Keep To Myself, I Write 5/14/2013
8. Grandpa 5/14/2013
9. Cove 5/14/2013
10. Is This Truly Me? 5/14/2013
11. I Write A Letter 5/14/2013
12. Just As A Waterfall 5/14/2013
13. Have You Ever Wondered If You Could Fly? 5/23/2013
14. The Voices Tell Me... 6/2/2013
15. What Is It To You? 9/11/2013
16. A Dream Of Flying And Soaring 5/14/2013
17. Every 2/3/2014
18. The Less I Feel 2/6/2014
19. What Is Up There? 3/12/2014
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What Is Up There?

Sometimes I look into the sky,
What is up there?

I spin around,
Lying in the damped green grass,
Looking into the sky,
What is up there?

I clench my fist,
Slamming it into the untouched grass,
Looking into the sky,
Curiosity killing me inside!
What, is, up there? !

Accompanied by my true & faithful friend,
Standing behind me in the grass,
Looking into the sky,
“What is up there? ”
I ask him,
He replies;
“Nothing that cares about either of us.”

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Victorian Castle

A huge Victorian castle
Dancing, dancing, dancing…
Beautiful dresses sparking under the glissading chandeliers

Everyone so happy
So cheery

Sitting the corner,
Watching the people dancing while listening to the beautiful classical

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