Courtney Kane Poems

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Depth Of A Woman

there is depth in me that is
much like the sea
and on days of my greatest gleam
i am the woman who manages

Dont Envy, Dont Hate.

.................Of this I know
as sky triumphs over rain,
the central theme in man,
of this I know

Giving My Man His Space

you are quiet today and i do not
ask you the origin of such silence,
black and smoky and devouring
even my own sound now

Our Love Is A Beacon

it isnt a mystery
what you do for me,

everyone can see it

The Grass Lady

She's our neighbor, a quite fussy one.
She cuts her grass twice a week,
scarcely giving the blades chance to grow,
and it is the trimmest yard on the block,

Opening Up

We sit amid a growing darkness.
It is growing in me, you have no idea.
I look in your eyes, they are the eyes
of so much love.

Spring Breezes

My neice just had a baby.
My neice is only 15 years old.
We warned her about unprotected sex
but, oh, she knew it all, her head was

Suitable Domain

The night which
envelopes sounds
like the whole
of crickets turning

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