Depth Of A Woman Poem by Courtney Kane

Depth Of A Woman

Rating: 2.2

there is depth in me that is
much like the sea
and on days of my greatest gleam
i am the woman who manages
what some may say is the impossible

a son, a daughter, i have them all
and nothing prevents me from
keeping them calm, in great winds,
in the roughest rain,

the sight of my eyes, the searing pain
of life's hard road,
it all bulds to a glorious strength,

the strength of the women before me,
it is the depth of a worldly woman.

Ted Sheridan 04 August 2007

I love the sea...I swim and surf in it, so I waded into this one to find it less than ankle deep my sweet.

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Alfredo Jacques 08 June 2007

beautiful poem thanks for sharing.

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Goldy Locks 01 June 2007

Wise and keen. I can only look to a poem like this for guidance.

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 19 August 2005

I like the way you made everyone before you was as important as the ones after...good job!

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Anong All 14 June 2005

l like your poem, it gives the feeling of honour, and strength. Interesting way, you have styled your words.

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Greg J 11 January 2018

Hi Courtney! I have a similar request as Anna below. We would like to know the possibility of licensing or commissioning your work. Please contact me at greg at yardnyc dot com. Thanks!

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Anna Speicher 13 December 2017

Courtney, my women's chorus is commissioning a choral piece, and the composer is interested in working with Depth of a Woman. We need your permission, though, and VERY quickly- like by Friday (December 15,2017) . You can reach me at amspeicher[at]

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James B. Earley 31 July 2008

A poignant introspection! Excellent.

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Random Crap 07 September 2007

Well done this is a really nice poem. Well done to all the powerfull and deep women out there! I hope to become one x-x-x

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Joseph Daly 10 August 2007

This is a particularly beautiful poem. The use of occassional rhyme works very well. The idea of the poem is great, I wonder if the sea simile could not be exorcised in favour of something else that suggests, profoundness.

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