Giving My Man His Space Poem by Courtney Kane

Giving My Man His Space

Rating: 2.5

you are quiet today and i do not
ask you the origin of such silence,
black and smoky and devouring
even my own sound now

you are quiet today and the bed is
your castle, the entrance to the bedroom
a moat filled with hungry monsters
like evil men on a mission

you are quiet today and i allow you to be
i will not cross the moat
i will not put my paddles in the water
but if you ask me, my paddles will be
the love sticks they are,
moving me like guppies through your protective moat.

Raynette Eitel 08 August 2005

Courtney, I like the metaphor of the bed and the moat...but really recoiled at guppies. Somehow that didn't fit the loving way you were giving your husband his space. A guppy is such a lowly life (in my mind's eye, anyway.) I wonder whether you could think of something more elegant swimming around? Raynette

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Ashley S 28 September 2007

I REALLY like this poem. It is written from the male point of view no doubt! Space is essential in a relationship and the fact that you've given it to him speaks volumes, it gathers respect at every stanza. Loved it. Ashley xo

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Ted Sheridan 07 September 2007

Let's see giving him about you go to Venus and he goes to Mars.

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Sara Watson-Roy 09 September 2005

Ignore SGK. her criticisms are always on a personal basis and never about the poem- it is an imaginative treatment of this silence.

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 19 August 2005

I like the way you describe everything in here....very vivid.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 08 August 2005

Raynette, perhaps she was referring to spermatozoa little beings of great importance, size approximately 0.05 mm. Agile, clever, competitive, with a one track mind and the aim to get to the finish line. H

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