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A woman who lives in a peninsula city surrounded by blue. She loves to write poetry, she is a designer. So she has a natural affinity for beauty and creating beautiful thing.

An independent designer who runs her own studio GYA-creation, a guest lecturer at Dalian Nationalities University, a member of the Dalian Writers Association

An outstanding literary creator who can write in English and translate in French-Sino

Cui Gya Poems

Hometown Is Blue

No matter where your hometown is
Its color is very important
If there were no Blue
There would be no uniformity of the sea-to-sky

Last Year And This Year

It seems to have been winter all the time last year
I was frostbitten by a snowstorm
It was not the north that's cold
It was where there's resentment

The Melting Permafrost

It melted and melted
The permafrost that should not be soft
Wakes up like a zombie
Siberia's secret is being revealed

Pyramids Are Not Linked To Scaffolding

The Pyramid is not like the Babel Tower
Which symbolizes the chaos of the universe
They correspond to heaven and earth with right direction of four sides
Square cone structure of hard stones

The Era Of We-Poetry

I'm glad
That my love for poetry began after 2000 A.D.
Homer's song is the first epic
Ancestors' poems of Qi-Lu disappeared without any trace

Cui Gya Quotes

11 August 2021

The contemporary value of art is closely related to the cognitive ability of artists in his creating.Many excellent artists are rich in profound philosophical thinking.

11 August 2021

Life without artistic nourishment is not much better than the animals.

18 August 2021

People who use eye evaluation better than heart appreciation often think that realistic painting is even art.People who use eye evaluation better than heart appreciation often think that realistic painting is even art.

21 August 2021

The charm of the region is not only the long-standing buildings, but also the cultural unique features of the gathering wisdom of the world, which is a value-added floating wealth.

12 September 2021

Reflecting the current art is more reference value, so the imitation of ancient modern-finished products is not a valuable art

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