Dakota Ellerton Poems

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My Father, My Father

My father, my father,
I love he,
my father, my father,
made me see,

Down The Rabbit Hole

She swooped in to catch my last breath as if the skies had opened and poured a red rain like never before. Once and always I'd forgotten through the passing time, of who I am, what I was, and who I am ready to become.

Moonlight Dashboard

The moonlight soaked the dashboard,
my soul embraced it's presents.
I turned my head to the side,
so my tears were hardly visible.

My Little Monster

Within my sadness and lonliness,
I dwell on the heartache in my chest.
I can hear the footsteps echo in my mind -
as if they tap against my spine.

Abort My Exhistence

Dreading through the complication of life,
I couldn't have any one person to blame but I.
The beautiful chaos has spun between my hands,
to consume me completley into a betraying fate.

Once Seen

To the embracing shiver of inspiration,
to thee I raise a glass!
I am a man of self enlightenment,
I am a woman of realization.


If you were told,
to write your life in a poem,
could you really summon the words?
Where do you start?

Notice Me

She puts up with guys
when she can do better
they're usually just jerks
trying to be sweet and to get her

Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels,
oh how I adore you.
You listen when I ramble,
and give the warmest feeling.

[a] False Notch

A pet
a carry on
you are used
a notch on my belt

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