Aliteration Poem by Daniel Cook


Rating: 1.5

I'm sick of all these philosophies like Socrates and the aristocracies or the christians and there hypocrisies, and there monopolies, but the call them oligopolies, but I've got to stop these monstrosities from stoppin me and end the fear cause, THERES NO MORE ROOM IN HERE! I SWEAR ITS LIKE I'M TOO TRUE TO BE SINCERE!
i know too much and am too kind to be believed or left behind
the in between is killing me and i need something to enlighten me
because so far all I've got in me is sorrow and heart ache and the need to barrow. i have no means to partake in the fun and games that life wants to play so instead i sit and wish i could cry today but i cant the tears wont come no matter how hard it hurts or what I've done, so i want to clear my head, and yes escape by any means whether it be drugs or her meat drapes
so i rhyme and i rhyme but theres too much time and i have no energy, so i feebly attempt to be a member of society or poetry but I'm just me a little bit of everything so i cant believe in Socrates or any other philosophy because all of them have something to offer me. but i write and i bite my lip so i don't slip and forget why I'm writing this so i need to stop and i want to be bought cause I'm given up, this is my resignation forget procreation cause i just want to be left in my elevation to live forever in peace and restoration.

Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook

San Diego California
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