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If you want to know about me just ask, I’m basically just a regular guy with goals and ambitions, talents and faults and easy going in most situations.

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I was born in Scarborough, ON, Canada on August 8th,1989. My background is of Portuguese roots on both sides of my mother and father. I grew up in Scarborough and later went on to ...

Daniel Goncalves Poems

Hard Work Gone Unnoticed

At times hard work goes unnoticed,
Torment builds inside you, pain seeps from within.
You wonder how and why and yet you keep working hard.
You pushed like you never pushed before and yet remained invisible.

The Return

Finally over, we returned from war,
I went to see her, our love was no more.

Broken, tattered and barely sane,

My Late Reply To The Letter From My Long Lost Soulmate

To: My Long Lost Love, N.

My biggest regret is losing you, your kiss so perfect and loving, the way you looked at me, your smile and most of all the words, "I love you", so true, I still feel it after all these years. I still see you as I did and always will, you're perfect in my own eyes. My heart and soul still yours forever like the carving I made you on that tree.

Soldier's Rememberance

Our Brotherhood,
Death tried to break,
The horrors, the loses were hard to take.

The Come Back

There will be a day when I'll come back a lot stronger than before.
I'll be unstoppable, unbeatable and I'll defeat all those who challenge me.

There will be no end to me regime and I'll only get better.

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