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At times hard work goes unnoticed,
Torment builds inside you, pain seeps from within.
You wonder how and why and yet you keep working hard.
You pushed like you never pushed before and yet remained invisible.

Finally over, we returned from war,
I went to see her, our love was no more.

Broken, tattered and barely sane,

To: My Long Lost Love, N.

My biggest regret is losing you, your kiss so perfect and loving, the way you looked at me, your smile and most of all the words, "I love you", so true, I still feel it after all these years. I still see you as I did and always will, you're perfect in my own eyes. My heart and soul still yours forever like the carving I made you on that tree.

Our Brotherhood,
Death tried to break,
The horrors, the loses were hard to take.

There will be a day when I'll come back a lot stronger than before.
I'll be unstoppable, unbeatable and I'll defeat all those who challenge me.

There will be no end to me regime and I'll only get better.

In life, we all get sick,
We lose our health and fall into critical conditions in which we may have even created ourselves.
It can be painful, sad and sometimes close to fatal. Yet we must go on, get better and live on once more.
Even if one day you know this illness that sickens you may and can kill you, you must not be afraid.

Giving up is for cowards.
Giving in for the weak.
And falling apart, for the empty minded.
There is no need to feel beaten or full of sorrow.

Fear nothing and no one, not even fear it's self.
For nothing can ever stop you, nor hold you back but yourself.
Strength comes from within and it not only limited physically.
For true power lies in one's knowledge,

One day, reality hits you hard in the face.
Life is not going the way you intended,
Things you did in the past affect you now.
Believing you were invincible means nothing now that you're weak.

Don't ever feel sorry for me,
Don't ever shed a tear.
Don't ever say I can't,
Don't ever tell me to stop.

You know what is difficult?
When you try so hard and push so much,
And yet it’s never good enough.
When you injure yourself,

Even the strongest must become frail,
The intelligent fail, and the best, let down.
The successful, have their success taken away.
They must never surrender to defeat, nor give up hope.

I open my eyes, and all I see is darkness.
I put my hand in the snow, and feel neither cold nor pain.
I walk day after day over open flames, yet I do not ignite.

I'm off to the army, and it kills me to go,
Knowing that you'll miss me as tears start to show.

Our love is powerful and our love will never break,

I'm away with the army again, the proud soldier that I am,
Torn between two worlds becoming a man.
I often think of you and miss you. Kissing you and holding you in my arms.
Many nights I don't sleep or eat, counting down the days and hours until I see you again.

What I love about you

To; my love

My Promises to you

The following is a binding contract life over death to prove I'm not the monster I was but the man who is and wants to always love an cherish you and respect you and give you all that I can and all that I am

From the moment I saw you I knew;
That you were the one I'd fall through hoops to get to.

I fell for you quickly with out looking back;

You're my inspiration and the reason I smile,
My dream come true in every way;
From the touch of your lips to the words that you say.

I know that you're leaving to do something great,
you're working hard and doing your best,
I'm proud of you and that puts my mind to rest.

Daniel Goncalves Biography

If you want to know about me just ask, I’m basically just a regular guy with goals and ambitions, talents and faults and easy going in most situations. Short Bio: I was born in Scarborough, ON, Canada on August 8th,1989. My background is of Portuguese roots on both sides of my mother and father. I grew up in Scarborough and later went on to Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School in Ajax, ON where I lived for four years with my parents. While growing up I was teased for having a learning disability and juenvenille artritis in my legs. However through taking extra credits and doing extra school work, when in highschool, I was always on the Honor Roll, won awards for poetry and art and aswell as once my artritis no longer affected me, I went on to being the Captain of my Highschool Track and Cross Country Teams as well as 8th in Canada for the 1/2 Marathon in the age 25 and under category while only 17 years old. After I graduated from Highschool with Honors, I was seriously injured rupturing my liver and my speen and having to give up running for at least 1 year. Yet i returned to compete in less than 4 months, further injuring myself. The last College race I ran, although injured I placed 32nd in Canada.The College I attended was Cambrian taking a Physical Fitness and Leisure Management Dipolma where I was one of the top 5 in my program. I completed my first year then desided to change my career path joining the Canadian Forces Infantry at age 18. the unit I enlisted with was called the 2nd Irish Regiment of Canada located in Sudbury, ON where my College was also. After completing all my basic military training as top 3 in every course, I put in an attachment to the 48th Highlanders Regiment of Canada in Toronto, ON to return home to my family and be closer to my friends. Currently, I hold 2 Canadian Forces 33 Brigade running records in the mile and 2.4km when I was still attached from the Irish Regiment and am now fully transfered and still with the 48th Highlanders. I am also currently in College for Policing and looking on furthering my education in University once I am finished. I write poetry was a filter for my emotions and as an expression of my thoughts. I will continue to write, now, but not only to release my deepest thoughts but as well as to inspire others like yourself.)

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Hard Work Gone Unnoticed

At times hard work goes unnoticed,
Torment builds inside you, pain seeps from within.
You wonder how and why and yet you keep working hard.
You pushed like you never pushed before and yet remained invisible.
You bled, sweat, and paid your dues.
You gave it your all,
And still gone unnoticed you keep on working your hardest.
You don't ever stop because you know that no matter what your emotions, body, and soul endures, in the end it will pay off and it won't matter who noticed.

By: Daniel Gonçalves

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