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Tis' the bless'ng of a new ep·och
Our cry too vulgar to be heard
O' the world will remember shock
The GOP not with'r, occurred

A splendid butterfly
Floated out there
Gazing its beauty
Onto the air

Knowest, how one and all loves his country
Acknowledged patriotism is bluntly
It is influential to recognize
That tis' is a virtue to pa·tron·ize

Autumn leaves fall, sprouts away
Extend night, and condense day
Each leaf talks, a bliss to me
Shiver'ng from collect time tree

A Poet I am
This my verse
Lying in a mind cram
Set to write on clear page dis·perse

Sunny start, I see
Quiet day
Blue sky, turning white, gray
Frosty air, incoming

It's a new day, today, for writing
A day of new beginning
To start a visionary drive thru
New thoughts stewing

Life moves, you should vie
The dance floor with generous spry
Carry your tally
Keep a moving eye

You are such an angel becoming
O' our affection
For you outright
It's attacking our mind day and night

Outside of window in seaside sandy
Forlorn nature dances happily
In shades of white serenity
The earth sleeps quietly

{Free Verse}
Jan 15,2021• Copyright © daniel miltz

Censorship is the instrument

When I do count the hours
That tells the time of day
I see brave flowers
Sunk in hideous noon dismay

Live here and now, brilliantly
Without doubt, absolutely
Dream vigorously
Life is short, indeed


I can't wait
The more, the better

A fretful humble day murmurs, thoughtfully
Midnight dives, harvest sun cavorts
With a delicate stirring through the weeds
Squirming in rusted quality

When you are outspoken
Uninhibited, unreserved
Saying what you think
Being honest and blunt about it

O' the weather is cold, the ground is hard
Flurries gently falling, flying soundless
Packed snow, endless amounts, in pristine yard
The whistle of swirling wind, so wondrous


A veering wind brings fair skies
A backing wind is to be despised
Winds at night
Are bright always

Creativity of the psyche is everything complex
Thee mind has a gathering thought light
To store for further context
Opens up and releases the gem of insight

Frigid week in winter clock
The frosty welcomes me with a sock
Winter cold caress me fine
Blowing ice air in wind pine

Daniel Miltz Biography

Daniel Miltz - About the Author :) Daniel Miltz was born in Downriver Detroit, Michigan and now resides in Hampstead, New Hampshire, forty five (45) miles north of Boston, MA. He is currently a MIDNIGHT POET/ WRITER and contributes his journalistic expertise to many General writing Forums. He is a Freelance Writer & Poet. He has won over 700+ accolade awards from numerous Poetry Forums worldwide and has been in 60 anthologies with two published books to date. Also, his Poetry Web Page https: //www.facebook.com/Miltz-Poetry-1803111433242057/ attract passion for poetry and creative writing, themes, writing styles and poets from all walks of life. He was educated in the Downriver Detroit area private school systems primarily under the guidance of the Felician Catholic Sisters Order of Detroit, Michigan. He is a retired Aerospace Mechanical Engineering Designer. Daniel graduated from Detroit Engineering Technical Institute, and obtained a 4 year - Certified Design Engineering Academic Degree in 'Mechanical Design Engineering Technology.' He began his writing career when he relocated to Southern California in 1971 working in the Aerospace Industry as a Commercial Standards Specifications Writer and Mechanical Engineering Designer for Government Aerospace Engineering Programs. He is also the Editor of Miltz Boxing News and involved with USA Boxing, New England - officiating local amateur bouts and writing-up professional sanctioned fights for interested promotional companies and websites. Devotes most of his time, attending professional sanctioned Boxing Shows for Miltz Boxing News, He has recently started writing a fiction-novel based loosely on his experience growing up in the downriver outskirts of South Detroit's industrial wasteland outlined with steel mills, auto factories, ethnic diversity, blue-collar taverns and urban decay neighborhoods.)

The Best Poem Of Daniel Miltz

New Dream Blessing

Tis' the bless'ng of a new ep·och
Our cry too vulgar to be heard
O' the world will remember shock
The GOP not with'r, occurred

Soaring for all the world to see
Aye, tis nation vested to we
Convoluted, impaired- yippee
To the threshold, back 'gain with glee

The vista, it spreads wide and clear
It was a hard-won rambling fight
We are a ready, change is here
To make our nation dyno-mite

Giving birth again to the dream
Let America be again
It time to pen new scrolls, a·gleam
Let be the dream, it used to be

© daniel miltz

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johngreene 03 March 2020

Me la pelas pendejo .............................................................................................

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Daniel Miltz Quotes

Devotion ''My hand, hold firmly. To take eagerly. So as to seize in time. Dripping from your each kiss. Raining your devotion.'' ...Copyright © daniel miltz

Day Soar ''This one waking day shows off, upliftingly --spangling in umber unobtrusiveness.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Hand ''Heavenly venture. An extended hand grasp reaches everywhere --whilst, watching the entrust.'' ...Copyright © daniel miltz

Heavenly Gateway ''With hailing glory, forever, I pray --unto God's treasured gateway.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Starry Sky ''The sky is starry with a reflecting nod --many stars before sleep.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Watching The Day ''Keeping eyes peeled, standing --watching the day.'' ...Copyright © daniel miltz

Glow ''Looking upward, I see night-light splendor --into the sky of glimmering hues.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Heaven Shine ''The luminance of heavenly shine in its entirety --is in each and every matter you see.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Light Within ''I peer into the silence. I just look up and say, let light be within me, about me, everywhere.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Piety ''Light throbbing from ye' hand, bound by vow --of God-like piety.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Sky Weep ''Dropping from sky mist --creating a tear that is weeping deep.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Follow ''Though none go with me --still, I will follow.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Butterfly ''Peering toward. Looking at butterfly near. Heavenly drifting, thriving --fluttering around and around.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Spirit Being ''Revered through. Everything that is in you --the spirit of your being.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Footprinting ''O' this moment I have now. Being touched by water's edge; savoring time spent --footprinting the day.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Creation ''Tis' day's creation, glaring, within the beyond --in lucid sensation.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

A Day ''Each day is a spell binding day. Spreading behind idyllic scenes --and over the horizon.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Tree House ''As I sit in tree house view. I see sky high wheeze --waving so subtly, in tree shine breeze.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Mind Orbit ''A mind of the visible spectrum, glowing self knowledge --an airing out brainstorm.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Memories ''Memories of old, flooding fast. Through the letters of my mind.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

I Am ''Being as yet, standing firm, solid, faithful --Here I am.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Youngling ''Blissfully! Youngling in prayer, strengthening, the bond of trust and unity with the Lord. Amen.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Quiet Light ''I peer into the quietness of obscurity. I simply gaze upward and state --light above my head all over the place.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Hug ''A beautiful fold in arms. Enjoying the moment of the day --under the air.''... Copyright © daniel miltz

Gazing ''Gazing at, perusing. Situated on, watching --on top of peak, beholding.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Orbit ''Light to its orbit. From darkness --turns on the lighteth bless.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Enfold ''This be our possible enfold. Thy the bound between us --of our inner exodus, in paradise glory.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Mind Spin ''Many faces of poetry, that appear forever in sight dimensions are pestiferous operation of components kind --moving in the mind.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

A Rain Moment ''The beauty of the moment. A smooth sheet of rain supply. I see thru the window by. My eyes enjoying this rendezvous -- to the delight of this magnificent view.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Wisdom ''While spiraling in spirited wisdom. Riding on Wings--like a Dove.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Sky Sob ''Under grand immersion. Dropping from sky tears, making in puddles --that are overwhelmingly profound.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Shine Peep ''Shine like the sun assure. A most moving capture --into the alone to peep.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Leaves Of Air ''No weather be ill. If the wind be still. The wind sings freely --in sail leaves of air.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Falling Leaves ''Tumbling in the breeze. Leaves in hand and pretty --humming with tranquility.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Harvest Shades ''While, harvest colors blink. Tragically in shades of pink --afternoon progresses in happiness.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Heaven Dream Here and there... I dream that I can fly. Of soaring through sky --into a heaven delight.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Conditioned Mind ''If you have what you call, a conditioned mind. That is to say: 'First thought, best.' ''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Shadows ''Tune in to the wind, it talks. Tune in to the quietness, it talks - while in nature shadows.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Cliff ''Standing on the edge of cliff that drop suddenly. So vast, depth unknown. The sky is clear and blue. Watching the heavens, while it twirls. It's easy to imagine --that this is the world's brink.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Cobra ''Such-like a cobra, thy strike need to be achieved, prior to --it is perceived.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Vision ''Within me mind, is my vision. Quiescence in the diameters of decision --deep within my pressing mind's mission.''... Copyright © daniel miltz

Imagination Soaring ''The continuance of imagination rushing. Cloud abstractions multiply. Life spins fast --across night sky.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Wind Howl ''Hidden in my drowse space. Betraying no place. Whilst' --wind is howling.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Earth Harmony ''Nature can be exceptionally soothing, on the off chance, that we simply stop and listen in --to the harmonics of the earth.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Sun Shining ''Bright sun shining. Glowing through the day. Sun is like your smile. Lights up imagination in all its splendor --draping light upon.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Sky Gleam ''You can feel and hear, quiet, quietness. Remaining here in an evening time brightness. Blowing gleams on sky --a brilliant and shining amplify.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Sky Twinkle ''A brilliant peltdown and a sprinkle. In the midst of slamming, sky blue twinkle. O' during melodic chimes --my mind chinkle.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Bird Songs ''Birds twittering songs. Chatting with each other with crystal sounds, that can be adopted --to remember them.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Nature Garden ''The garden of Nature opens. Its occupants --plants, trees and creatures. Sky full of offertory --reflected in clouds.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

Dance Gust ''Danceth, whirleth. O' along these lines --its our own dance floor gust.''...Copyright © daniel miltz

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