Trumpets Sound Poem by Daniel Miltz

Trumpets Sound

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Knowest, how one and all loves his country
Acknowledged patriotism is bluntly
It is influential to recognize
That tis' is a virtue to pa·tron·ize
Lord of all free men's holy salvation
O' blesseth thou our wonderful nation

May all the trumpets, have triumphant sound
In a divine spirit, of truth unfound
Shall maketh all evil, forever flee
Establish goodness in land of da' free
Tis' for all sanctified, eternity
God Bless America, a·bun·dant·ly

© daniel miltz

Trumpets Sound
Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: patriotism
Sandra Feldman 08 July 2022

Great poem! Of sincere and wonderful patriotic value. Beautifully conveyed always be reminded of the treasures we have, to be respected, loved and preserved.

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Terry Craddock 05 January 2017

In Love Tolerance Humility Kindness: Putting The World Right God Bless America every country every nation with love tolerance humility kindness integrity healing regenerating light but not blind patriotism 'may my country always be right' not 'my country right or wrong' all citizens of every country in love earnest need to strive heartfelt endeavour to put our world right Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'Trumps Sound' by the poet Daniel Miltz. Dedicated to the poet Daniel Miltz.

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Terry Craddock 03 January 2017

'Lord of free men's salvation Bless thou our nation May the TRUMPETS sound In a spirit of truth found Shall make all evil flee Establish goodness in the land of da' free For all eternity God Bless our America a·bun·dant·ly' God Bless America, every country every nation, with love tolerance kindness and healing regenerating light but not blind patrioism, 'may my country always be right', or citizens of every country need tp heartfelt strieve endeavour to put it right God bless Daniel

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Terry Craddock 05 January 2017

sorry about the typos issue in the original comment Daniel, keybord laptop problems, but I meant well

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Daniel Miltz 04 January 2017

very good! ....thank you.

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Daniel Miltz

Daniel Miltz

Detroit, Michigan
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