Poet Me Poem by Daniel Miltz

Poet Me

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A Poet I am
This my verse
Lying in a mind cram
Set to write on clear page dis·perse
To the delight of composing poetry slam
The strings of words; that let me rehearse
The kind of verses that evoke a dash of poetic glam
A good poem must invade
Our soul and mind
Words will be words portrayed
To make those each lines intertwined
To em·bed in our ra·tion·ale mind grade
When finished, it gets our consideration defined
To worship it for all eternity made

© daniel miltz

Poet Me
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: poet
Terry Craddock 23 September 2020

Beware Poems Come Home To Roost beware vagrant wandering poems sly sneaky ready to nest take up roost in rocky lofty reaches to mind nest soon constant busy feeding nest chicks... hungry beaks demanding feeding frantic eat fly spread wings run catch escaping thought nesting poems perch invade time soul mind eat mind space invasion extends hatching time past Inspired by the poem 'Poet Me' by the poet Daniel Miltz. Dedicated to the poet Daniel Miltz.

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Terry Craddock 29 January 2017

In Sleep At Work In Dreams poetic words lines are a constant incessant mind space invasion plaguing prey poets in stirring thoughts invading reckless random regardless of priority time in sleep at work in dreams poetry slips through cracks unguarded seams Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'Poet Me' by the poet Daniel Miltz. Dedicated to the poet Daniel Miltz.

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Terry Craddock 11 January 2017

'A good poem must invade Our soul and mind' nice, I especially love this line and agree with a mind space invasion desirability

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Terry Craddock 15 January 2017

it's good some do not appreciate whacky humour any more and it is one of the best kinds, but what can we do with stuck in the mud mindsets? Regards Terence.

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Daniel Miltz 15 January 2017

Thank you, Terry! ...Like your responses!

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Daniel Miltz

Daniel Miltz

Detroit, Michigan
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