Danish Azam Poems

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Just Meet The Bud

I have a secret my girl within my grip,
I want to share it but from mouth to lip.

Peoples are all ears always ready to catch,

Greatness As Snow

Days are sweating nights are short,
All are saying that it is too hot.

Hill stations are full and packed,

God Is Not A Child

I am too cool as you know,
but i can not be more mild,
To say that my dear friends,
Our God is not a child.

The Earthquake

My teacher told me earth's rotation brings changes in day and night,
It is earth who goes round the sun along with other planets to ask for light.

This earth is just like mirror that does nothing but reflects or echoes the rays,

The Traffic Jam

One day i stuck in a longest traffic jam,
I have no option to nudge or to slam,
Vehicles were blowing their horns as hell,
Drivers were uneasy feeling not well.

Like My Barber

Nothing does matter,
I know or not but,
I go to any barber,
And get my hair cut.

An Apple Of Love

I'm waiting for you,
like Adam for Eve,
You have to come,
They have to believe.

The Thief Of My Heart

Trying to be naive,
You know this art,
Im so impressed,
Thief of my heart!

Being Someone's Wife

Give me now my heart baby,
I do not love,
Set free my thought baby,
Wanna fly above.

One Common Sky

You blessed my eyes with utmost glee,
When you tagged me your picture to see,
You were surrounded by beautiful flowers,
I kept thinking about them for hundred hours.

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