The Earthquake Poem by Danish Azam

The Earthquake

My teacher told me earth's rotation brings changes in day and night,
It is earth who goes round the sun along with other planets to ask for light.

This earth is just like mirror that does nothing but reflects or echoes the rays,
When there is no light it is called nights and otherwise it is called sunny days.

I asked my teacher why we are not thrown away during rotation to the moon,
As earth revolves around the sun so fast to complete its round so soon.

But when the earth quakes it comes with lots of tremors to humankind,
Life becomes miserable to such an extent that we dont have any door to find.

Then he said boy first you have to know the nature of rotation and quake,
Later you will be also capable to understand but now leave me for God's sake.

Rotation means a journey from one place to another that is sign of progress,
While quake refers to a pouse or discontinuity of earth that is feature of it's regress.

In the morning when you prepare your cup of tea you see your kettle shaking,
If you are late you know better than me how your vessel goes baking.

The first machine that human had made was nothing but a wheel you may get,
It also rotates like our earth and helps us reducing distance and freight.

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