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1. Would You Still 5/12/2011
2. Hush Little Baby 9/12/2011
3. I Dont Love Him No More 9/13/2011
4. Dear Sweet Wisky Bottle 9/13/2011
5. What Went Wrong 10/19/2011
6. Hello Dolly 10/19/2011
7. I Try To Live 10/21/2011
8. Black Bird 10/21/2011
9. Things I Love 10/21/2011
10. I Fell Her Pain 10/21/2011
11. She Needs You 1/31/2012
12. My Bride 1/31/2012
13. The Place 5/10/2010
14. Life 8/13/2010
15. Crazy People 5/10/2010
16. The Apple 3/19/2010
17. My Hart Is Happy 5/12/2011
18. Lost And For Gotten 7/1/2011
19. Im Sorry 4/23/2012
20. See Me Cry 4/23/2012
21. The Shell 12/7/2009
22. The Wrong Suicide 8/13/2010
23. My Broken Wings 9/14/2011
24. The Rainy Day 12/7/2009
25. My Hate 12/14/2009
26. My Happy Ness 12/14/2009
27. A Girl So Beautiful 5/12/2011
28. The Sad Frend 12/3/2009
29. Hear The Crys 12/14/2009

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Hear The Crys

i hear your crys deep down inside it makes me sad all the time and makes me cry why oh why do youhave to be sad just cuz im gone dousent mean you have to cry pleas oh pleas dont cry 4 me i dont deserv to be cryed over i just wish i could be ther with you to make you stop but i cant but i cant belive you did what you di 2 be with me as that night i wached you from heaven as you picked up that razor blade and cut your self and i keep wachen you cut deeper and deeper it makes me cry as i cry it starts to rain you stop cuting your self and you look out the windo and i heard you pray and say why ...

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My Hate

my head is full of hate and my heart is full of ice and my soul is nothen but dust my life less eyes are like staring at the dead trees in the winter i cover my arms and legs 2 hide what my life less soul has cause me to do my love my hate my suffering

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