Darkangel Flyfree Poems

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Look Into My Eyes And You Will See

</>Look into my eyes and you will see
hurt, pain, and the broken heart within.
You will see
the broken spirit, dreams, and all believes has vanished away.

A Winters Night

On a cold winters night,
filled with whiteness and sparkling lights
all around this small little town.
Houses with their chimneys filled with the flame of warmth.

The Pain Of Losing

When your gone
my heart aches
with a million tears
that rain down my sad face.

Darkangel Flyfree

</>Im an angel
Always left in the dark
Longing to fly free
Where are thy wings?

If Only You Knew

If only you knew
how many times i think of you
how many times i wish you near
how i wonder if you are well

I Would

I would walk through the burning pits of fire.
Fight like a soldier saving thy country.
I would climb the highest mountain
and climb down the tallest building.

I Need You

</>I need you like beach needs sand and water
Like the night sky needs stars up above
And how we need oxygen to breath
cause without you I can't breath


Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
From the one who has me trapped
inside their world.
Using my own weakness against me


So confused so hurt
not knowing what to do.
Feel like my life is being controlled
by someone other than myself.

My Last Breath

On this restless night
As I wake up with no air to breathe
Can't catch my breath
Heart beating slower and slower

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