I Need You Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

I Need You

Rating: 3.1

</>I need you like beach needs sand and water
Like the night sky needs stars up above
And how we need oxygen to breath
cause without you I can't breath
I need you like flowers and trees
need rain and sunshine to grow
Like a child that needs loving care and protection
I need you by my side holding me
like there's no tomorrow
And there's no limits to my sorrow
I need you like my heart needs
your gentle touch of healing
I need you like you need me.

Guess Who 04 July 2012

I also need you like you need me.............. This poem is different from the others this one is more imaginable while reading it i could imagine what you're saying... the words are well chosen so are the expressions....... Well this subject you chose and the way you wrote it could've been more prolonged i would've loved if you made it a little more it's not hard you could add as a baby needs his mother....... a car needs petrol ....... nature needs stability.......... i don't know you could make it more imaginary i hope you don't take it as an offence PS: I loved your poem but you could've added more expressions easily but it is still excellent Good work This is the best poem of yours i read until now Guess Who

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beautiful piece. you first line needs checking. i think u intended to say sand and not sad.

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(De Va) 09 November 2011

very beautiful....blessings

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