If Only You Knew Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

If Only You Knew

Rating: 4.0

If only you knew
how many times i think of you
how many times i wish you near
how i wonder if you are well
how i want to heal your broken heart
and tell you how much you are worth
If only you knew
how much i want to lie in your arms
all through the nights
and awake to soft kisses
with the sweet sound of your voice
as you say my name
how much i want to feel
your touches and lips upon mine
how you bring warmth and that tingling sensation
all through my body
with your poetic words and charm of heart
the way you make me feel
so alive, excitement, compassion
If only you knew
of the passion that burns within
how you've awaken this imprisoned soul
how my heart beats back to life
how i love the conversations we share
how i know i can be myself
how i miss you so
when the weekends take you away
and the weeks fly by
as you make me smile
with the pleasurable feeling of delight and amusement
If only you could see
the expressions on my face
how they would make you smile or laugh
Oh if only things were different
if only i had known you sooner
instead we live from afar
If only you knew
how much you mean to me
how much i truly care...

Dougie Fresh 11 July 2012

just INCREDIBLE! a lot of emotion in this one! ! ! The most beautiful poem i have ever read!

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Dougie Fresh 26 November 2016

Wonderfully written!

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Hamid Negah 26 July 2012

Dear Darkangel Flyfree, i loved it more.

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Black On Black Arts 19 July 2012

if only you knew how powerful a writer you are if only you knew it will take you very far if only you knew

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Guess Who 12 July 2012

Incredible Wow! ! What a poem ........ This poem is excellent it is well expressed and very moving..... Lots of love expressed in your lines If Only You Knew How great you write poems Good luck] Guess Who

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Shihabudheen K J 11 July 2012

Nice poem.lots of love expressed.

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