Darkangel Flyfree Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

Darkangel Flyfree

Rating: 3.3

</>Im an angel
Always left in the dark
Longing to fly free
Where are thy wings?
Lost in the dark
Lost in existence
Bring me back
Show me the way
Show me the light
Make me whole again
For I cannot do this fight on my own
I need your help, your guidance
Im lost with no way out
Why did you leave me here
All alone to fend for myself
In this tortuous chaotic world?
Please God grant me my wings back
For I am an angel in the dark.
Darkangel Flyfree free free...

Dougie Fresh 02 October 2012

I still think this is your best poem! every time i read it!

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Dougie Fresh 14 June 2012

Ok, in my opinion this is your best one!

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(De Va) 09 November 2011

You touched my soul, as I feel your words speak my heart...hugs n blessings

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Crimson Love 07 November 2011

Beautiful poem, I like the way you took your name and incorporated a poem out of it, splendid write.

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Felix John 30 October 2011

You've captured the inner longings of the soul.i think if you concentrate on being less descriptive but use images and content words you will make a best poet.your'e creative. keep it up.

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