Hole Poem by Doctor Dashaun Snipes


Rating: 4.3

In the depths of my being lies a hole,
A void that echoes of despair and pain,
A cavity where loneliness takes its toll,
A wound where love fails to sustain.

There's a hole in my heart, gaping wide,
An emptiness that no light can fill,
No good food to eat, nowhere to hide,
Just a hunger that time cannot kill.

And in my stomach, another gap,
Aching with the echoes of starvation,
No sympathetic bows, no mercy's tap,
Just the cruel echoes of deprivation.

From the very start, a cold, cruel world,
Unyielding in its unrelenting strife,
Every arrow flung, every flag unfurled,
Marks the harsh rhythm of this life.

I toil, a telepathic warrior strong,
Sending back the poisonous arrows of fate,
Turning Cupid's darts around, righting the wrong,
Breaking free from this unending hate.

I strive to stand tall, to keep my head low,
To piece together the fragments of my soul,
To mend the cracks, to stem the sorrow's flow,
To emerge once more, complete and whole.

But the hole within me grows ever vast,
Fed by the hate that nobody wants,
A gaping maw devouring love, aghast,
Unraveling my resolve, taunting my vaunts.

Yet still I fight the battles unseen,
Each day a skirmish, each night a war,
Against the tide, against the machine,
Searching for the light forevermore.

For in this world of shadows deep,
In this tapestry of light and shade,
I seek the promises I meant to keep,
I yearn for the solace of love's sweet glade.

So I shall march on, relentless and bold,
Against the darkness, against the tide,
With faith as my armor, truth as my hold,
In the face of despair, I shall abide.

And though the hole within me may grow,
And though the struggles may never cease,
I will nurture the seeds of hope I sow,
For in that darkness, there lies peace.

The hole within me, a wound to mend,
A challenge to conquer, a burden to bear,
In its depths, a message to send,
Of resilience, of strength, of the spirit laid bare.

So let the hole be my battle cry,
A testament to the trials I face,
For in the midst of darkness, I shall defy,
And emerge victorious in love's embrace.

Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes
©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes
® Hole

Sylvia Frances Chan 16 April 2024

CONGRATS being chosen by POEM HUNTER and Team as THE Member Poem Of The Day! . Fascinating poem and well rhymed

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Welcome to PoemHunter. And congratulations on your very first poem getting selected as Poem Of The Day. Beautiful poem. Endearing rhythm and rhyme scheme.

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