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hi i'm david.

i enjoy poetry writting, riding my mountian bike and computer games.
i have some great friends that like to read my poems and write there own.
i would like to make a difference in the world, even if it so very very small.
and i am a guy who doesn't give up on my friends, family and on those that ask for my help.
i also enjoy listening to all types of music acceptfor rap.

i'm just a gardian in the unseen shaodws

David de Haas Poems


What do you really care about?
Is life worth living without some one to love?
Or is love worth a life time trying to find.
Is it worth losing your mind?

What A Friend.

What a friend you have been.
You’ve been there through thick and thin.
Even when I’m mad.

Love Can Never Be Lost.

love truely never dies,
though it may seem so lost.
You find it when you least expect and you hope it never leaves.
though if love is gone from sight.


The trip was long.
The days were fun.
Now the trip is all but done.
The food was great.

My One True Love.

As I say good night to the moon and stars, my love never sleeps.
As the sun rises I give thanks to god for bringing you to me,
And with that I sleep,
Only to see you the next day.

David de Haas Comments

Sallie Howson 14 June 2005

what wonderful poetry from such a young lad. well done..keep writing

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Bryce Medlen 06 February 2005

David U are TRUELY the best friend i have ever had and ur poems have brung me Joy and happyness I am and always will be ur true best mate

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