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When I walked you home that night
The vibe was absolutely right
The sparks were flying left and right
Jesus I was happy

Dead headed
Lurching by the
Whining wires

A busker on a unicycle
Dances with the birds
As teaming hordes of grey brained apes
Wend their way to work

Janus was a Gemini
As am I
Looking both ways
Gates and beginnings

Seeking oblivion I googled the suicide pages In search of a recommendation.
All I found was anodyne drivel telling me not to give in to despair.
If I survive this night in spite of myself I know what I’ll have to do
What the world needs is a suicide page that’s not a reproof but a how to.

The afterglow of a dying supernova -
A flash in slo-mo
Blasts across the southern sky
Silhouetting dark stuff

“Keel haul the scuppers” you yelled and you laughed
And your bright eyes shone as the ketch heeled to port

The deck tilted dangerously down by the lee

The scent of water splash
On sun baked wood
And sunscreen
Bright water patterns

Does the lover find within him
The concatenated ardour
From every cell
The memory of that

I see you growing bitter
And I watch you finding fault
And I hear your declarations
Of how put upon you are

I was up at dawn this morning
I was in the mood for walking
I stepped out my doorway
And I walked upon the Earth

A hesitant gesture
A turn of the head
The body language
That clearly said

Went down to the Jazz Club
To rip my soul with the Gypsy Boys
All I got was a boutique beer
And an ear full of two four noise

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A little deaf, past my prime but not yet dead.... ah drop' me a line and I'll tell you.)

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(88) You Made Me Happy

When I walked you home that night
The vibe was absolutely right
The sparks were flying left and right
Jesus I was happy

We talked and talked of this and that
Nothing more than vapid chat
I don’t remember what was said
More than words were talking

On and on we went like that
Playing off and bouncing back
So rare a thing to feel like that
You made me happy

Starry eyed and laughing
As we said good night and parted
And I floated helium hearted homeward
God you made me happy

That night when I went to bed
I couldn’t sleep my buzzing head
Was wondering what would happen next
And guess what, I was happy

That was now a month ago
I’ve seen you come I’ve watched you go
I’m wondering what the future holds
And how to make you happy.

I’d shower you with lies and gifts
I’d move the earth if we could live
Together you and me like this
Great God I’m happy.

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David S Dennis Popularity

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